Since she's on damn near every other forum: Allison Stokke

Live forum:


17-05-2007 17:13:37

http/" alt=""/"444/3884/l00daaf4c3de1818c0a5c28hv2.jpg[" alt=""/img7a6cc90de1]

i'll contribute to her 5 minutes of fame

she's all over the place, just google her.



17-05-2007 17:20:54

never heard of or seen her before.. im "assuming" shes a pole vaulter shrug .. nice athletic build.. is she supposed to be something special?



17-05-2007 17:26:55

yep, Ive seen her in a few other forums. I think shes hot in that pic, but looks horrible in others. shrug


17-05-2007 17:31:22

yea shes supposed to be mrs perfect.

jailbait type

illl post more pics


17-05-2007 17:32:36

the olympix arent supposed to be comin around again are they?.. thought the last ones were 06.. maybe it WAS 04.. who knows.. some of its aiight to watch i rectum.. i know olympians arent "pro" athletes in the fact they dont get "paid" but SOMEBODY sponsors them and their living arrangments and gym time and blah blah blah.. i think its more of a government thing anyhoo.. the olympix nowadays i guess.. i just watch pro rasslin ;)



17-05-2007 17:36:02

[quote0c4256b783="Kidd"]yea shes supposed to be mrs perfect.

jailbait type

illl post more pics[/quote0c4256b783]

Post her age first...


17-05-2007 17:39:12

HA.. i think maybe the point of the post originally was she is gettin too much attention as it is.. and i for one have never heard of her.. i say give her at least 2 and a HALF minutes on this forum ;).. hell with pseudo celebrities anyhoo ;)... my last post on the subject of her overhyped popularity even tho i dont know who she is..

"focker.. OUT!!"

Shawn G


17-05-2007 17:39:43

shes 18

and i wasnt gonna post nudes

i know better ;)


17-05-2007 17:46:59

You had them to post? ;)

18. Great, I can stop feeling like a creep now...


17-05-2007 17:54:45

I doubt there are nudes of her. shock


17-05-2007 17:57:30

there isnt

but there are other decent pics


17-05-2007 18:07:10

there are a couple of bikini pictures of her out there, but they don't show much of the goods.

the ones of her in the track short-shorts are ok with me, i'd like to put them in a pitcher of water and make sun-tea with them.

here's a picture of her with my future stalker-in-laws

http//[" alt=""/imga82f4bed04]


17-05-2007 18:10:10

her nose looks way to big in that picture

dam her mom!


17-05-2007 18:14:06

Her knees! Look at her knees... Gross..


17-05-2007 18:21:56

[quoted535b1fef5="JKirk"]Her knees! Look at her knees... Gross..[/quoted535b1fef5]

knees too pointy? roll


17-05-2007 18:22:53

[quote04bba865e8="Kidd"][quote04bba865e8="JKirk"]Her knees! Look at her knees... Gross..[/quote04bba865e8]

knees too pointy? roll[/quote04bba865e8]

It's a fark joke.


17-05-2007 19:55:32

i've never heard or seen her before either. First picture is pretty hot


17-05-2007 20:03:36

Eh, that softball girl is way hotter...


17-05-2007 20:15:57

[quote12dbdbc014="Wolfeman"]Eh, that softball girl is way hotter...[/quote12dbdbc014]
which one


17-05-2007 20:17:06

I think hes talking about Jenny Finch


17-05-2007 20:18:25

[quote1328cadfd9="Kidd"][quote1328cadfd9="Wolfeman"]Eh, that softball girl is way hotter...[/quote1328cadfd9]
which one[/quote1328cadfd9]
Jennie Finch

This pole vaulting girl is from my city )

Bryan R

17-05-2007 21:30:06

Ya, I have never heard or seen her before. But kind of nice in first pic. What city is that wolf?

Bryan R


17-05-2007 21:32:38

Newport Beach, CA


17-05-2007 23:46:18

another reason I Love Track... No Fat Chicks )

(and yes, i said track, not track and field, because field is where the fat chicks stand ))


18-05-2007 06:33:02

[quoted339e76ee6="tjwor"]another reason I Love Track... No Fat Chicks )

(and yes, i said track, not track and field, because field is where the fat chicks stand ))[/quoted339e76ee6]

yea like the javelin throwers and the ones that spin and throw the things.


18-05-2007 07:04:56

I'd fuck it and chuck it.


18-05-2007 07:39:28

But you have to be fat to shot put.....


18-05-2007 07:56:51

[quote06caec3d38="tylerc"]I'd fuck it and chuck it.[/quote06caec3d38]

why chuck it shes good for many uses 8)