Looking for a online Cardgame simalar to magic the gathering

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16-05-2007 15:29:53

I never really played magic the gathering but I just played a crappy version of it online and was wondering if theres actually any really good card games like that online thanks.


16-05-2007 15:40:56

Did you play the official thing? Because from what I remember, it was actually quite good.


16-05-2007 15:51:41

ahh no I never played the real magic the gathering if I did I would prolly get my ass kicked at school like the rest of the kids who played it did lol.


16-05-2007 15:53:54

No. I mean, did you play the official online game...I think I have the link around here somewhere ... yeah, here


They made it online a while back, and they had a good structure ... you said you played a crappy version of it, so I am curious to see it )