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14-05-2007 19:37:07

We had problems with our Cable internet. The cable guy came, fixed the problem and also left a free modem which is currently hooked up.

Now, my question is, are Cable modems used to track Internet activity? Can it track what I download and how much a download a day? It seems kinda wierd he leaves us a free modem and jolts out the door without explaining how he fixed the problem and why our Internet connection didn't work when it WASN'T the problem with our previous modem


14-05-2007 19:41:15

i dont think it can.

actually im pretty sure they cant


14-05-2007 21:11:30

Not from the modem, they don't need to. When they want to track what you're doing, they do it from their switch/router. They can easily analyze the traffic if they so choose, usually when they have filters that trigger alerts when you violate TOS, exceed a bandwidth threshold, they get a DMCA/RIAA notice, etc.

Not saying your ISP does, but it's easy enough to do if they choose to. They typically don't monitor everyone as that's impractical, but if they have reason to they certainly will.


15-05-2007 13:45:53

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15-05-2007 13:47:21

those bastards...

Edit On school campus...warner bros called my school and said I was illegally downloading movies copy righted to warner bros. They gave two examples...which were correct...


15-05-2007 13:49:54

Most likely you had an older modem, and they just updated it. We had an older modem and it didn't work as well as the new one does.


15-05-2007 21:31:24

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15-05-2007 21:58:28

[quotec34d978221="aviendha47"]Left field but what's with the penguins dmorris68 and Gooogler?[/quotec34d978221]



15-05-2007 23:11:44

Ahh, I see...probably was an obvious answer wasn't it.. )


15-05-2007 23:43:34

I'm fairly certain they cannot track exactly what you are downloading. The modem you got probably isn't free, I'm sure they will charge you a rental fee for it. Also, if you have Comcast(I had them for 4-5 years.) the abuse center told me they don't care what I download. I useto download over a terabyte a month when I had them.

They definitely can monitor how much you download. Surprisingly they never cared how much I downloaded until about 6 months ago when my internet was disconnected along with a whole bunch of other users for going over their "limit". I severely cut my downloading down from my terabyte days to around 400GB a month. Then when they cut it off and I got it turned back on, I moved my downloading down to around 250-300, since they never gave me or anyone else a definite number to not go over I had no way of knowing what to stay under. Anyway, my comcast service has been terminated for 12 months now along with many other users.

So basically, if your cable internet provider is comcast, you can download whatever you want and they won't care, but just don't go over their invisible download limit.

Manofice, you were probably using a public torrent file if Warner Bros sent something to your school.