A good, cheap, online clothing retailer???

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Easy Bling

14-05-2007 13:40:01

So, I was trying to do some shopping online and I'm looking for summer clothes right now. Brands like Zoo York, Stars and Straps, Element, mainly skate brands/surf brands. I was wondering if anyone knew some good websites to check out that had these at reasonable prices, or if they just have good looking looking clothes (even if not of these brands)? I'm looking for shirts, belt buckles, belts, shorts, swimming trunks, and sandals. Any help will be + Karma'd Thanks!!!


14-05-2007 13:43:16

I used to have a site JUST like this that I knew of..

Let me try to think and maybe I can get back to you on it.


14-05-2007 16:30:44

the website of your favorite skate teams almost have a list of online dealers to buy their stuff from. Element clothing looks really bad.... go for stars and straps and zoo york