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13-05-2007 12:30:39

Has anybody on these forums actually attended here? I am planning on going there to college. If so, you have any stories to tell me? Or what should i expect?

BTW my parents are a little freaked that im joining the service after high school...but oh well..at least they will be paying me to go to college.


13-05-2007 12:38:52

timothy leary went there


13-05-2007 12:43:04

[quote6fb3ce4526="bruman"]timothy leary went there[/quote6fb3ce4526]

LSD Leary?


13-05-2007 17:13:40

You have to have a very impressive HS record, then get a recommendation from a congressman/senator.

It's pretty tough and demanding, not only academically but psychologically. If you're intent on a career as a military officer, then it's the best avenue -- WP officers are typically considered the cream of the crop and tend to have more opportunities in the service. It's kinda like civilians going to an Ivy League school. You will spend a minimum of 8 years active duty after you graduate, I'm pretty sure, so be aware that you're blocking out the next 12 years at least once you commit to it.

If you just want money for school and don't plan to spend more than 8 years in the service, you'd probably be better off going for an ROTC scholorship, or maybe look into the Citadel.


13-05-2007 17:19:08

Man, I wish I had considered this when I was looking at colleges.


13-05-2007 17:19:58

I think that attending WestPoint is very good for your post-military career if you do not plan to stay. But again, I'm pretty sure the idea of life is not to work, it the reality of it.
I would be surprised if you found anybody here that attended WestPoint since the number that attend are not that high since they are pretty exclusive.


13-05-2007 17:22:55

I don't think you'll find very many here with military service period, let alone West Point. lol

Besides myself, I think I've only seen one or two others here mention being in the service.


13-05-2007 18:33:17

Well i have a very high gpa unweighted...like a 4.0 or 4.25...and i am an eagle scout..which 28% of attendees in WP are. So i think i have a good chance. Also if i do go, i plan making the military my career.

Also..its 5 years after west point you have to serve.


13-05-2007 19:09:18

You sure it's 5 total, or just 5 [i7ab5eedfa3]active duty[/i7ab5eedfa3]? I was pretty sure all new officers had an 8 year commitment, but part of it could be served in the reserves. Especially for a West Point grad, because the government investment in your education is substantial.

Also, remember that the officer corps works a lot different from enlisted. Officers can be held past their scheduled discharge date if they need you, and you can easily be recalled after your discharge. Enlisted too, but it's a lot harder and more rare (it takes a Presidential recall order) and generally only happens during wartime -- whereas with officers it's not uncommon during peacetime.

Even enlisted troops have an 8 year commitment (or they did when I served), but the remainder following your active duty term can be served in either active or inactive reserves. I served 5 years active duty, 3 years inactive reserves (IRR).