Dilemma with my cell phone

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08-05-2007 13:38:53

Ok, so i'm under my dad's contract with the family plan and november of 06, i went on vacation and accidentally dropped my cell phone into a small puddle.

Dried it off and it says Please Use Genuine battery. Still hasn't been able to work even by using a different battery.

I also switched to a older phone my dad had and they said the next time they switch phone's it'd be a $20 charge.

So here's my dilemma. I lost that old phone my dad gave me and my phone that i got with the 1 year contract hasn't expired yet. So, what do i say to them?

My brother dropped his phone pretty hard and they replaced it with the same model phone for only $50. So i should be able to get a replacement phone like he did?

Andy tips of comments or whatever is greatly appreciated


08-05-2007 13:42:07

Do you have insurance on it?


08-05-2007 13:48:52

I'm assuming they have insurance on it if they only paid 50 bucks for the replacement?

Just say someone stole it and you'll get a new phone for 50 bucks if you have insurance..


08-05-2007 13:52:09

Yeah if you do have insurance say someone stole it, because usually water damage isn't covered. But if it's stolen they can't tell it was water that damaged it.

If it's not you are gonna end up paying a few hunder bucks to get a new phone, or find a friend with a compatable phone and just use that.


08-05-2007 14:09:37

I dont think i have issurance. But i do have another cell phone that i can switch the service over too.

If anyone has ideas of where a cell phone could get lost in a house, let me know because i know it's somewhere in this place.


08-05-2007 14:16:47

Check in the couch. I lost my phone for a week because it had slipped out of my pocket.


08-05-2007 15:19:50

Who is your service provider?


08-05-2007 15:21:42

[quote48b984250b="ajasax"]Check in the couch. I lost my phone for a week because it had slipped out of my pocket.[/quote48b984250b]

True story. . . And if you have more than one couch, even if you dont' think you even sat there. That happened to me and I went and got a new phone and all.


08-05-2007 15:24:01

buy one off ebay and pay the $20 ;)


08-05-2007 16:11:07

ebay ftW!


08-05-2007 22:08:59

[quotecc7b5ba110="doylnea"]Who is your service provider?[/quotecc7b5ba110]

Verizon. My dad's been a customer with them for over 5 years and i was able to (along with my brother) to get the LG VX8300 for only $20 with a 2 year contract.

I've checked the couches, all over my room, my step bro's room (because that's the last place i saw it) and still it has yet to some up.


08-05-2007 22:11:59

I have another VX3200, but i want my old phone because of all my contacts that are in it lisighsli

If it comes to worse and i STILL cant find my phone, i'll just switch the service over for $20. But i'd rather have my old phone


08-05-2007 22:25:35

If you activate a different phone online I htink they waive the fee.


08-05-2007 22:32:03

[quote1be7e5bd5e="coolvaughan"]If you activate a different phone online I htink they waive the fee.[/quote1be7e5bd5e]

I already activated the phone i lost (vx3200), and they said there would be a $20 charge for another activation. But if this is wrong im jumping on it a.s.a.p.


08-05-2007 22:39:35


Thats the link to activate a previously used phone. I am pretty sure you have to have an online account already set up, might need to ask the account owner (dad) to do this. It doesn't say anything about a fee.


12-05-2007 10:45:07

Alright, i forgot to post here about it, but i found my cell phone in a pair of short i pulled out of my dresser.

I forgot that i was trying on the newly bought shorts i bought and must of slipped it in there