Mineral Oil Submerged PC

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07-05-2007 18:22:08

This is SO freaking cool! I really want to do this with a 360, check it out


-Taken from Digg.

http//www.pugetsystems.com/gfx/submersion/gallery/Submerged%20005.jpg[" alt=""/img2ca494da1d]


07-05-2007 18:30:49

Oh, that PC immersed in Fluorinert was much more amazing. )


07-05-2007 18:42:40

I bet it costs a lot more. And where do you buy it?



07-05-2007 18:51:20

Hmmmm. Probably a pain to change something out...


07-05-2007 19:52:14

Lol, I found some pricing on that 3M stuff, it's like $500 for 50cc's.


07-05-2007 23:20:42

Yeah, but the OC they were able to do would've caused a fire otherwise. In fact, they eventually dropped the temp so far they froze the caps. D

Edit Here we go


I saw that posted everywhere a few years back.


07-05-2007 23:31:47

Actually, come to think of it, there's a new chemical that appears like water, but is totally non-conductive, and was supposed to be used for fire suppression systems without damaging hardware.

I think it's called "Sapphire" and made by Tyco. They poured some over Charlie Gibson's hand on GMA, and it was bone dry afterward. 3M has a version called Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid as well. I'm not sure if either crystallizes at freezing temperatures, but it might be a worthy future immersion ingredient. )


09-05-2007 07:46:35

yes that is amazing!
the cooling effect of the liquid has to be incredible!

I am interested in seeing more about this....COOL! LOL