A Funny Redneck Story

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07-05-2007 17:29:47

My husband just sold his first article to Associated Content.
It's an absolutely true redneck story called "Dinner Conversation in the Deep South" lol
Check it out


lol lol lol


07-05-2007 17:46:18

I hate to say this, but this story doesn't seem to have much of a point other than pointing out the redneck presence in the south. How much did they pay for it?


07-05-2007 17:48:00

You know you're a redneck with you're a Nigerian Dwarf Goat farmer.


07-05-2007 18:02:10

Gooogler - it's an anecdote. The punchline is the point.

bballp6699 - actually, we're city Yankees - retired and enjoying the good life in Paradise


07-05-2007 18:13:10

Florida isn't the real south.