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07-05-2007 14:23:39

Ok, so i'm working on my take home final, i'm to the last question that is worth 25 points, and I really have no idea... If anyone can throw out some ideals it would ve very helpful!

here is the question

[quote386558be96] Essay question (Write your answer on teh back of this sheet-- Approximately 3/4 to one full page) 25 points

Much of the art produced after 1900 was (is) radically different from all the art that preceded it. In what ways did art change after 1900 and what caused these changes to occur? [/quote386558be96]

I really have little to no idea about this... all I know is that Pollock was a big part of the change with his abstract paintings and that they no longer had to represent really anything. But i need much more, so throw some stuff out there if you have it to help me!

Thanks a ton!


07-05-2007 14:25:46

Let me look around and see if I can scrap anything up for you. If I get anything, I'll be sure to PM you...


07-05-2007 14:29:35

Just search on google.

Someone posted this, gives you more things to research

"For me it has to be 1900 - 1950. So many exciting movements Bauhaus, Bloomsbury Group, Surrealism, Futurism, Fauvism, German Expressionism, Der Blau Reiter, Cubism. Need I continue? Some better than others but all interesting because they are so intrinsically linked to what was happening at that time. Too much contemporary art is just about the artist themself - too self-indulgent for my liking."




07-05-2007 14:31:34

It's a page lol, just BS it.


07-05-2007 14:35:05

I had to take Art Appreciation in college instead of Art history. Alls we did was watch slides...."zzzzzzzzzzz"


07-05-2007 14:41:47

I did art appreciation and it's definitely what O4F-Manofice said.

After the 1900s, impressionism was huge due to technological revolution and the start of World war I. In this era, artists such as Pablo Picasso and Pierre Bonnard led the style for cubism.

Futurism followed with Umberto Boccioni and then you had Dada.

Surrealism was next and it also included Modernism in Architecture.

You can find a lot of information on each topic on Google as well.

A Hart

07-05-2007 20:23:58

I wish I would have been hooked up like this when I was in college. I would have aced everything! You sly dog!


07-05-2007 21:06:04

The invention of photography changed painting. It caused artists to differentiate themselves from the world of photography and inspired "in the moment" painting. Technology created an onslaught of different ages of art Impressionism, Pointilism, Cubism, Surrealism, DaDa, Neo _____ ... the list can go on and on and on all the way to Modern Art. Modern Art was another turning point for art and yet another revolution to be "different.." Blame it on my wonderful BS in Art History (sigh)...what a degree.


07-05-2007 22:30:35

karma down the line when i can ) thanks guys/gals!