Been out of it and could use some tips please....

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07-05-2007 08:03:35

So, I've been out of the freebie game for a while and now I might want to get back in.

Basically, I want to move out and get my own place, but I have bills to take care of before then and need some extra money. $2000 would be perfect, but I'm not sure where to turn and what sites are still decent, has good offers, etc.

I've been looking at Your Gifts Free's $1000 for 10 refs but the offers look weak and I wouldn't mind doing another DIY if there's some new offers that popped up.

Any suggestions, sites to avoid nowadays? Even just one site would be helpful.


07-05-2007 08:10:27

hmm i suggest ordergiftsfree sites, you do the offers once, then cashout many times )


07-05-2007 08:43:19

Keep those suggestions coming. I am looking for if you catch my drift.


07-05-2007 12:27:44

I do, and I see you doing [i6aeb564e7a]several[/i6aeb564e7a] sites. ;)


07-05-2007 13:36:37

I choose you ZeroPriceTags!


07-05-2007 13:37:33

2DollarDeal are pretty good...


07-05-2007 13:39:16

If you want to go the DIY route, there is always i-Deal.


07-05-2007 14:30:31

I-Deal is the only DIY site worth looking at right now. Nuitech bit the dust


08-05-2007 10:39:07

[quote52c877d9f0="Armstrong"]I-Deal is the only DIY site worth looking at right now. Nuitech bit the dust[/quote52c877d9f0]
I figured both of them would have died by now, but if I-Deal is still going strong I'd be willing to do another one, thanks for the tip and if any of yall need a ref, send me a PM.

I'm also thinking about doing the ZeroPriceTags site, JKirk's been here for a while and the site is in the best rated section, anyone need a green?

By the way, when did people start paying $35 a green???


08-05-2007 10:41:46

[quote8ed516b986="Tholek"]I do, and I see you doing [i8ed516b986]several[/i8ed516b986] sites. ;)[/quote8ed516b986]

I've got a pretty solid head-start. But I have so many weddings and bachelor parties to go to for friends this year that I'd like to layer on a little "windfall" income to get a little further ahead.