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05-05-2007 09:06:03

For all you youtubers and the such out there, check out this awesome site


It has the best quality anywhere and you can upload [i92e7c73d20]any[/i92e7c73d20] amount of a clip. They have all kinds of movies on there, I just watched 300 and I seen others movies on there as well. Check it out!


05-05-2007 09:40:35

full movies? im sure this site will get closed down soon.


05-05-2007 09:45:14

[quotec9a356f1ed="downthesun"]full movies? im sure this site will get closed down soon.[/quotec9a356f1ed]

Well I hope not!


05-05-2007 11:09:40

When I went to install the Divx Player plugin...

Scan type Auto-Protect Scan
Event Threat Found!
Threat Bloodhound.Overpacked
File C\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npdivx32.dll
Location Quarantine
Computer DBTNGK91
User Corey
Action taken Quarantine succeeded Access denied
Date found Saturday, May 05, 2007 21406 PM


05-05-2007 11:12:25

That's strange. DivX is safe, also considering it's coming directly from, it would be safe. ?

Maybe it detected it as a threat, even though it's not.


05-05-2007 11:16:07

i had no problems...


05-05-2007 11:22:34

not enough vids... boo


05-05-2007 11:33:10

I downloaded 300 from there when it came out. Not sure if its still up. Pretty good quality considering it had just come out.


05-05-2007 11:37:52

http// is a good one too. I first heard of it from one of admin's post.

As for this site, I had no problems with the DiVX player plugin, I watched the new south park episode and it was great quality.


05-05-2007 12:50:36

Looks nice, but the site will probably get closed...soon.