Conan in San Fran

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04-05-2007 21:49:56

Has anyone been watching Conan all this week? All those people in San Fran are fucking lame. Standing up every 5 minutes and turning around so they can be on camera. Cheering for 5 minutes before the monologue starts. And tonight they have signs like they are at a wrestling event.


04-05-2007 21:53:33

I thought this thread was about the Governator for a second...


06-05-2007 11:05:07

Conan is a good show, he's alright off camera though. The producer is a nice guy, that's how I got to hang out with Jim Gaffigan ) I didn't see any of the san francisco video, but I sounds hilarious.


06-05-2007 12:31:33

Its always like that when Conan goes on tour to a city. It was pretty funny from what I saw. Conan in Finland was the best ever...