transferring 8MM to dvd or vhs

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04-05-2007 19:51:08

I am wondering if anyone here transfers 8MM videocassette to DVD or even VHS. I want to get a new digital camcorder but I have an old sony that I cannot get rid of because I have no other way to ever view my home movies, If no one here can do it does anyone know where I can heve it done. I know with a 9MM you can buy a VHS tape to put the 9MM in and tape or watch that way, but not with the 8MM. Any ideas?


04-05-2007 19:54:16

Go to a photography shop. (Wolf Camera for example) Ask them if they do it and if not, do they know anyone that does )


04-05-2007 19:57:17

I live in a very rural town in wi. The closedt photo places would be like 4 hours away, I thought someone here might know of a waythrought he mail Call me lazybut I kinda wanted answers to just fall in my lap, I didn't want to research. Ok ya I am lazy!


04-05-2007 19:58:02

hmm. if you can wait till tomorrow, I'll look for you )


04-05-2007 19:58:48

walgreens or cvs - if you have them in your area.

they transfer to dvd

or, you should be able to hook your camera 'out' to your vcr 'in' and dub that way - at least your videos would be in VHS format.



04-05-2007 22:42:42

you can go to best buy or check online for DVD recorders. alot of them are VHS/DVD players but the DVD part can also record. they are pretty nice. you can record TV, VHS, or through RCA input. and the quality is not compressed (unless you get one where that option is available) so your picure on teh DVD is that you would get from the unit or tape itself.