Boating Registration Question +Karma

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03-05-2007 06:44:45

My boss was asking me if there were any public sites that listed all the boats registered in an area. I'm not sure if there is such a thing. Anyone have any ideas?


03-05-2007 08:12:08

you can get a list of boaters in virginia through this site. http// ,,,,,where are you from?


03-05-2007 08:14:48

you can also get a list of boats registred with the coast card through this site http//


03-05-2007 08:33:34

I remember I got my boating license when I was super young, heh. dad always did that ( I think with the marina.


03-05-2007 10:35:00

yeah it's for boats registered in NY, Rochester to be specific