FJ Cruisers

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02-05-2007 17:38:57

Have you guys seen the semi new FJ Cruisers? I used to hate them but after seeing a black one I really like it. The yellow and bright blue look weird but I recently came across this picture and it looks so nice. What do you think of them? Anyone have one or ridden in one?

http//[" alt=""/imge25cf6eed6]


02-05-2007 18:00:14

not a fan of them... idk why, the black one does look much better than any of the one's i've seen...


02-05-2007 18:13:39

Yeah agreed, the black one looks so nice

http//[" alt=""/imga56bd7ebd3]

The retro style looks so cool.


02-05-2007 18:59:59

fj40 ftfw.

http//" alt=""/img/40-1960.jpg[/imgcea516ca18]


02-05-2007 19:11:43

http//[" alt=""/img925cac9df7]

They are Ok not a big fan but they do look nice.


02-05-2007 19:15:00

I think theyre ugly


02-05-2007 19:49:12

THE FJ40's run expensive these days, man. I was looking at those as well just out of curiosity. I'm not up for something [ib3cf3d8a9d]that[/ib3cf3d8a9d] retro. I think the lift on the FJ does wonders for its appearance. The almost-stock picture you posted, Gmario, isn't too hot. The lift and mud tires give it an aggressive look atleast to someone from West Virginia. lol


02-05-2007 20:10:51

Yea well every car look ugly stock o


02-05-2007 21:44:32

The cruiser is more than a lifted FJ40, it's like 3 times a big too.


02-05-2007 22:43:13

I hate them and I see them all over the place...


03-05-2007 07:06:28

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend both love them. She keeps begging me to buy one for her. Right.