So does anyone here go to DragonCon?

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02-05-2007 09:23:18

Would be nice to meet up with people from here for a beer )


02-05-2007 09:29:30

Whats DragonCon


02-05-2007 09:36:34


02-05-2007 09:53:45

Never been to any kind of fancon. Feels too weird, especially when you have to travel. One where I live? Maybe.

Katee Sackhoff though... )


02-05-2007 09:56:05

Think of it as 4 days of party, with some geek love thrown in ;)


02-05-2007 10:02:24

Eww. ;)

My interest would be in [if0fa732101]maybe[/if0fa732101] having access to exclusive merch at a lower price that what it will fetch later [if0fa732101]as[/if0fa732101] fan exclusive merch on eBay etc.

There's still a market for cons, obviously, but in the day of the internet, less so. That's because some people wanted to discuss and learn news about the things they loved. Now they can online. That takes some of the justification of cons away. Meet and greets, merch and autographs are still cool though, but you know you can miss a con and still learn whatever was announced or discussed there.


02-05-2007 10:04:25

No true. There are usually about 45,000 attendees a year shock

It's nice to go meet people (the Ghost Hunters are hella cool people), game, go to concerts, wrestling matches...and of course booze out for 4 days and look at mostly naked hot chicks.


02-05-2007 10:33:36

I'm thinking about heading to Comic-Con this year shrug


02-05-2007 10:37:12

San Diego? I would KILL to go this year

btw - that is the cutest puppy I have ever seen.


02-05-2007 10:39:10

San Diego?

EDIT I really ought to refresh before posting...


02-05-2007 10:42:12

There may be a figure I want from SDCC. ;)


02-05-2007 11:20:14

Yeah SD. I've never been but I hear its pretty fun...


02-05-2007 11:58:24

sounds like fun...anything with booze for days is fun


02-05-2007 14:18:53

Otakon FTW! I love cons


02-05-2007 16:44:46

[quotea146677c96="Jenncherry99"]sounds like fun...anything with booze for days is fun[/quotea146677c96]
So you'll go to Comic Con with me?