New Porcupine Tree Album is AWESOME

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01-05-2007 20:06:21

Just for any Porcupine Tree fans out there. The new album is brilliant!!!


I think they are one of the most talented bands out there. They are one of those bands that sound AMAZING live and outside of the studio, sometimes sounding even better than recorded stuff.

Look into there Warszawa album which is Live. AMAZING performance.

If you don't have any of their cd's definitly check into Deadwing, In Abstentia, and Lightbulb Sun. Also give the cd's a chance and listen to them all the way through. Steve Wilson is a musical genious

Easy Bling

03-05-2007 10:57:27

What sort of music is it? and is it meaningful or is it just packaged to sell?


03-05-2007 14:06:07

The album is brilliant!

Its prog rock but extremely good. Every song