Anybody listen to Jim Rome???

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01-05-2007 16:44:31

I love his radio show, but I'm not in an area during the week where it comes in very well, and I'm having a hard time bringing myself to paying the $6.95 monthly to subscribe to the podcast. What do you guys think?


01-05-2007 16:58:25

I can't stand him. He has 0 personality and is always ready from a script. He is only famous now because he called Jim Everett, Chris...
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01-05-2007 17:20:00

I can't say I've listened to much of him, but he sounded sorta entertaining the last time I heard him. Not [i53807ed684]O&A[/i53807ed684] entertaining, though. ;)


01-05-2007 20:14:56

His TV show is terrible, but I really like his radio show...He is an acquired taste....The bastard charges for his podcast though, and I was hoping someone could hook me up....oh well...maybe i'll just have to pony up the cash...


01-05-2007 21:04:59

I'm sure there are torrent sites for him. I know there's a radio newsgroup that has Howie, O&A and the rest too. or I forget which.


02-05-2007 07:18:59

$7 a month

you've probably spent more on less

if you don't have a problem listening to it via podcast (not live) and you're able to listen to enough shows per month to justify spending the $7, i'd say do it.

i've been a rome listener for years. i'm able to listen to it at work, i would not be able to find the time out of work to listen to the abbreviated podcast.