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01-05-2007 11:50:40

Buy It[=http//]Buy It

Current Price = US $1,100,605.00

Why oh why would you want it though.

Ironically eBay is offering "Low Monthly Payments" on this item, notice below the Place Bid section.


01-05-2007 13:01:29

it is now $6,011,099.99 so obviously people in this world have TOO much money to spend! They should give some to all of us!


01-05-2007 13:11:58


Talk about some people having too much money. I don't even think I will even SEE over 6M+ in my life, yet enough be able to blow it on a car >_>


01-05-2007 13:12:02

Random people are bidding it up. I'd pay $27.50 for it...


01-05-2007 13:14:04

It looks like that's actually John Schneider selling it.


01-05-2007 19:55:43

A friend of mine in college had one that was used on the original show set - he and his brother rebuilt it after buying one of the wrecked ones...I had no idea it was even close to being this valuable.


01-05-2007 20:10:39

725 Horsepower! Holy crap shock