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01-05-2007 03:33:26

I wonder where it went cry


01-05-2007 06:42:23

[quoteaf7a8b8d6d="SecretSquirrel"]This morning's downtime

Posted by SecretSquirrel on May. 1Q. Why was isohunt down?
A. We were transitioning some things with regards to how we do routing and load-balancing.

Q. What took so long?
A. Well, I'm a jackass and I wanted to try something fancy, it didn't work... and didn't work... and didn't work... so i popped us back to the 'old' config and everything came up immediately.

Q. What benefit does this serve?
A. I can now reboot the liotherli router (or this one, as long as the other's up) without causing any downtime or anything more than a tiny blip before the site's back up 100%, all without anybody touching it (and an added benefit, in testing, I found that the limomentli I take a webserver out of the rotation by killing off it's lighttpd process, it's out of the rotation, just that fast, all automagical and stuffs).

Q. Does this make this Squirrel happy?
A. lichitters loudlyli (that'd be a yes)

So, at the end of my day, I feel like I've accomplished something (and if you're a canadian, just fyi, there's a dedicated 100mbit port liJUSTli for canadian traffic from the peers listed at http// , so if the internet et al dies, you'll still be able to reach us).

Yay for increased reliability and more capacity!!![/quoteaf7a8b8d6d]