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30-04-2007 16:15:17

I am sorry if this is in the wrong section but i am looking for a freebie site that offers the follwoing

-Free Offer Credits
-Instant Payout(or withing a couple days)
-Good offer crediting
-Relativly easy offer requirements for 40 a ref

If you have a site post it or pm me or w/e because of the fact that it is becoming alot more diffcult to find refs on here and since i am moving into the dorms and i have found out that each room has an diffrent ip address so that means that it is would be easy to get alot of my friends to do offers like blockbuster


30-04-2007 17:57:34

What do you mean by free offer credits? Do you mean the unreferred promo that new sites usually run, or do you mean offers that are free?

Also, you shouldn't encourage all your refs to do the same offer, it can look like you are "walking them through" and get you put on hold.


30-04-2007 22:47:08

Well what other offer would college studnets be lmao...


01-05-2007 08:19:43

try ordergiftsfree i think they have a promo right now not sure but give it a shot wink