Tis the season, over!

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28-04-2007 19:00:43

All the slopes are closed down till next year. Broke out the boat an wake board today. Shit, that water was cold. But it was kick ass!


28-04-2007 19:03:02

Mammoth is open until the 4th -P


28-04-2007 19:05:09

Thats 5 hours away from me.


28-04-2007 21:12:28

Its about 4 from me...


28-04-2007 22:05:09

I've never skied. )

I do run down the subway stairs real fast though. You should see me zip around those old ladies...


29-04-2007 11:54:11

It's great living near Mt. Hood. Skiing/Snowboarding year round, but it does suck pretty bad in late July early August.


29-04-2007 13:55:51

i've never ben snow skiing, but i can water ski...how comparable are they??


29-04-2007 17:37:11

[quotef2089fe25a="FreeOffersNow"]i've never ben snow skiing, but i can water ski...how comparable are they??[/quotef2089fe25a]

Not very IMO.


29-04-2007 17:40:55

what is thsi snow you speak of?


29-04-2007 19:10:12

just strap two greased 4x4s on your feet and then fling yourself down an icy mountain.

Easy Bling

29-04-2007 20:56:13

Went wake boarding this past thursday at Berryessa. No one on the lake. As Borat would say, "NIIICE!"


30-04-2007 01:13:32

i miss skiing (

I only get to go once a year or so, but i plan to move to colorado or oregon after college so I can ski on weekends...