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28-04-2007 13:56:20

Ok this is my first time getting people on giftmonkey, i am 1 point away from 750. but how do they do the w-9, how do they pay out, is it fast or what. ant tips on this site


28-04-2007 14:10:57

GiftMonkey doesn't take anything out of it... they are just required by law to have a copy of anyone's W9 who earned over $600.

As soon as they receive the form they send you the $750 as normal.

And at the end of the year/beginning of next year you're just supposed to file the $750 as income on your taxes.

W9 form


28-04-2007 19:11:22

The last site I did, a popup w-9 presented itself when I click for approval.


28-04-2007 22:24:17

that how i was on a site a w-9 came up, but was not show on this site


30-04-2007 19:22:40

ok, so i did it, got my giftmonkey points, but i have so many questions about this site, so plz some one aim or yahoo me or pm me about this site!! thank you


30-04-2007 19:25:00

Well, I have received $1000 and $750 from them, and they have NEVER made me file a W-9. Weird.

About payments, they have been getting a bit slower recently, but it should only be around 2 days to approve, and maybe a week to pay.

Both times they paid me, it was a MassPayment, and had no fees woot