XiORE g0t pic ? - New Picture Upload Service.

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25-04-2007 16:44:39

As you guys must know by now, i use you guys to test all my new and upcoming projects, and one of those projects is g0t pic..

It's permanent and is staying for good, I've noticed most of the biggest picture hosting sites are lagging or are not online at all these days.

To name a few imagemule/imageshack and that's all i can think of, these were my favourite sites and its shame to see them crippled but time has come for a permanent and stable solution..

If you test out my service please tell me what you think by posting your feedback in this thread.


Remember Post Feedback..

http//i6l.net[]http//i6l.net <- Click here for the next best thing.

Everyone want's a short picture link D


25-04-2007 16:53:03

what makes you think your service is as scalable as imageshack, or even in the same ballpark? imageshack may not be hugely reliable but i have images on there from years ago and i trust they'll remain. why should i use your service? just looking at it, i know as soon as word gets out you're going to get the shit slammed out of you with that 9mb limit


25-04-2007 16:55:31

I use Photobucket. In the 2 or 3 years I've been using it I've never had a problem.. Good luck with your service though!! )


25-04-2007 17:01:55

I'm not saying i am scalable to imageshack or imagemule i also said they are my main use of image sites, but this thread is about testing my project or as a temp hosting solution for the people not happy with their service.

And i can handle the 9mb limit. lol

I've been an imageshack fan since the begining and have over 300 pictures hosted with them.


25-04-2007 17:14:26

liUploads huge collection of child pr0nography!li...

Why not make a File uploading service? There are tons of them, but that'll be more useful them image uploading. Imageshack / Photobucket own the market... File uploading can be more useful.. Do that 'stead... Even though it takes up a lot more room, I might use it.


25-04-2007 20:52:15

Hmm, if a file uploading service would be more used i'll create one with a 50 - 200 mb max upload size, so if you think i6l.net should change from pic hosting let it be done, ill need moderators to control warez influx though.

anyone who is up for it drop me a pm.