Anyone know of a near perfect free laptop site?

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25-04-2007 06:15:13

I think I'm gonna go for a laptop, mine is falling apart LOL
Anyone know of one that does not require a zillion refs,
credits well without costing the ref's a fortune,
approves quickly and ship's fast?
In other words, a near perfect site? (I know, I don't want much do I?)


25-04-2007 06:24:27

Laptops are hard to find with low requirements, I would maybe try the new Ideal laptops site for 10 easy offers. Should cost you around 40-60 bucks


25-04-2007 07:54:30

Just do any decent site for cash, and buy your own.

If you're determined to do a laptop-specific site, I'd recommend an I-Deal DIY or YGF's Laptop referral site.


25-04-2007 08:07:18

shameless plug for an offers for cash site.


25-04-2007 08:15:54

Yea.. i-deal is gonna be the easiest. 10 easy offers.. no referrals. They have several 10 offer laptop sites right now. They seem to range from $800-$1000.


25-04-2007 08:34:21

yeah, keep in mind the i-deal laptop will not be anything good.


25-04-2007 08:45:16

[quotedac506cb14="Gigante"]yeah, keep in mind the i-deal laptop will not be anything good.[/quotedac506cb14]

I don't think that is 100% true.