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24-04-2007 21:30:06


I have heard of some people having problems with paypal putting holds on their account or even closing them out because of all the transactions and so on that go thru their paypal account. Just wondering what would be the best thing to do to keep this from happening, if there is anything? Also, when sending payments to my referrals for their green I usually select goods. Is this what I should be selecting? I was told this was best. But then I get to thinking, if paypal ask what are the goods? What would I say? Anyone have any suggestions.



25-04-2007 04:21:23

The best thing to do is not include anything about "free", "referrals" or "greens" if you want to be totally safe. I mean you could say greens but I was just really careful when I traded. I sometime selected goods, the reason why someone told you that is because it's more likely to win a claim but you have to lie your way out of it.


25-04-2007 05:23:16

I think thats why my account got messed up since someone posted to say goods instead of service so paypal got suspicious on my account and checked the hell out of it and asked me what i was selling?( w.e tho lol


25-04-2007 05:31:02

OK, so now I'm a little confused. So I'm totally not doing it safe, right. When I pay someone for their green I put in the subject green for (site) and I select goods. So I do not need to put "green for (site)" or select goods. What would be an example of what I would need to put in the subject and would I select service/other?

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25-04-2007 05:34:40

I don't recommend putting goods wink


25-04-2007 07:08:18

When I added a credit card for backup funding, the security holds stopped. go figure


25-04-2007 07:23:13

hmm i always put service or other, then just put the name of the site as the subject



25-04-2007 09:44:40

don't lie about it. act in good faith and you'll be fine.


25-04-2007 10:14:50

OK thanks everybody. Will do. This site is so helpful, I appreciate you.