Can You Tell the Difference?

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24-04-2007 20:55:25


At first I thought that it was possible to tell Asians apart if you looked closely, but now I'm not so sure. I only got 6 out of 18. ?

You have to register to try but it doesn't require an email. It takes like 2 seconds. Give it a shot. )


24-04-2007 21:31:57

I only got 6 too. Frankly, when people say they can tell them apart just by their faces I think they're full of shit.


24-04-2007 22:06:55

This is sooo wrong in soooooo many ways. ! shock


24-04-2007 22:38:14

Pretty Good

You may have a talent.

Out of 18

You 12

Average 7


24-04-2007 23:43:20

Well, bra size is supposedly a good indicator when it comes to picking out Koreans. ;)