Quick question about simon giftcards...

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24-04-2007 20:35:32

I read there FAQ and am quite confused...

1. Can they be bought with paypal?

2. What is the initial charge / if you use it all right away, there won be any other charges correct?

Thanks Guys!!

dudeextrem2000 (I searched and well.... Search found 20188 matches , didnt have that much time...)


24-04-2007 20:38:20

$2 dollar service fee if you buy an online gift account, shipping may cost more. No fee's for first 6 months. A MasterCard or Visa is required to buy them. If you send me the total amount you want plus 5 dollar via paypal I can buy one for me.


24-04-2007 20:39:29

thanks a heap.... although that doesnt help my situation @ all, oh well


24-04-2007 20:43:56

Well what is your situation?


25-04-2007 03:40:47

all i have is paypal (no actual credit card) and i want to buy something on a credit card only site, therefore... im screwed... unless someone can buy 1 and I pay them via paypal...


25-04-2007 04:20:17

He offered to buy it for you and you can pay him through PayPal...


25-04-2007 07:22:17

get a paypal debit card


25-04-2007 09:16:40

Why dont you open a bank account with free checking and get a visa check card. those work.