I need a name for my dog!

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24-04-2007 16:52:47

I just got a new dog today...he is sooooo cute! When it comes time to think of a name of course I can't think of ANYTHING! I want something different...not a plain jane name. Any ideas?

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24-04-2007 17:02:48

what? no bear, spot, spike, or anything like that, how about max. lol


24-04-2007 17:03:15

He's adorable!! Picking a name is fun..my pets names usually come to me out of nowhere, or they represent something about the pet, something it does, irony of how it looks, where it came from..I have a female dog who was a flood victim in Puerto Rico. We named her Marley, after Bob. I don't know why, it just fit. Honestly, at first glance of your new puppy I wanted to call him Oscar. I don't usually like that name, but man...that's the first thing I said to myself when I saw him..strange ) You'll find a great name, I'm sure of it!

ps-you should take a picture that shows his cute little face better )


24-04-2007 17:04:23

thats the first thing I thought too!!! For some reason on my way to get him, Oscar came to mind.

Bentley also came to mind...


24-04-2007 17:05:45

Woah, two Oscars out of nowhere..maybe it's his destiny hahaha D

Bentley is also a really cute name )


24-04-2007 17:11:12

My dog's name is Oscar... He is a wiener dog... Oscar Mayer Wiener Dog...

how about Mogule


24-04-2007 17:11:49



24-04-2007 17:19:34

Cute dog! what kind is it? My dogs name is Zipper. I do like the name Jasper though.


24-04-2007 17:19:57

I have it!!!



24-04-2007 17:20:39


That is the name of a movie isn't it?


24-04-2007 17:21:06

no poseidon or corspegrinder, but thanks

It's a bulldog cattle dog mix...it doesn't look like a bulldog at all though.


24-04-2007 17:22:11

Just call him Jim or Ted or something. No one would expect a dog to be called those. It'd be unique.


24-04-2007 17:28:19



24-04-2007 17:30:41

I am thinking maybe Jeter after Derek Jeter


24-04-2007 17:30:48


That reminds me of The Knights of Prosperity when they're trying to figure out a name for the group, and the guy says "Batman." The other guy says "I think we need something more plural."


24-04-2007 17:39:50


That is the name of a movie isn't it?[/quote57c8438dac]

Thats Corpsegrinders or The Corpsegrinders, I can't remember.

I was thinking more of the Cannibal Corpse singer though.


24-04-2007 17:40:50

How about Grady?


24-04-2007 17:45:31

flounder - it sounds like it would be a dog's name if the fish didn't exist

buck - because he/she reminds me of my friend's dog for some reason


24-04-2007 17:48:00

hmmm... so many choices!


24-04-2007 17:49:01

Sorry I have to say it... Shadow


24-04-2007 17:50:37

Well I got him from a couple that was unable to keep him...they named him Charcoal and called him coal

But I'm not sure that I really like that.


24-04-2007 17:54:37



24-04-2007 17:55:30

einstein...thats interesting.


24-04-2007 17:57:24



24-04-2007 18:01:09


My friend has a golden retriever named Toby. She was going to name him Owen, but he was such a Toby.

I still like Bentley or Oscar. Bentley I think is pretty original.

My turtle's name is Komar, which I saw written on a green crayola crayon in a dream I had..Names can really come from anywhere ;)


24-04-2007 18:02:38

I was thinking Toby...

Because I just watched the Chapelle's Show "Roots" skit. )

This dogs name should be Toby!


24-04-2007 18:03:54



24-04-2007 18:04:41

Komar...thats interesting (do you say that Co-mar? Or is it different then it looks?

I think I am really starting to like Bentley


24-04-2007 18:06:22

Yep, it's like Co-mar. He's an awesome turtle. Yeah I like Bentley too )


24-04-2007 18:07:36



24-04-2007 18:07:50

I don't like people/animals named after cars...I mean but it's up to you. You're going to be the person calling his name out. If you like it....name him Bentley


24-04-2007 18:10:56

[quotee7707b0223="dupebag"]I don't like people/animals named after cars...I mean but it's up to you.[/quotee7707b0223]

Actually I was not referring to the Osama car model but the person, I'm sorry I should have specified.


24-04-2007 18:11:13

It's true it's good to pick a name that has a "friendly ring" to the nick name you may want to shorten it to when calling out (hope that makes sense lol). Like my dogs, Marley and Haley..not real good for shortening...Mar just doesn't sound right, and Hay Hay is just, well...embarassing to say haha


24-04-2007 18:12:12

Osama! Then he could be most wanted...

No, no Osama

And Bentley...just think Fransworth Bentley not the car. D


24-04-2007 18:19:28



24-04-2007 18:21:23

Smithers...that makes me laugh. I knew a guy in HS with the last name smithers, he was so tall and lanky. It just makes me laugh


24-04-2007 18:21:34




24-04-2007 18:26:44

The Artist Formally Known As Charcoal.


24-04-2007 18:28:58

Ha, then I would need someone to design some symbol for me to put on his collar

Are those your cats? Or just random cats...


24-04-2007 18:29:34

Sir Coolahan.

Then you can just call him Sir for short.

I am the best at finding names ever. This amazing ability shocks me.


24-04-2007 18:31:08

[quoteb9a216e43e="Jenncherry99"]Ha, then I would need someone to design some symbol for me to put on his collar

Are those your cats? Or just random cats...[/quoteb9a216e43e]

Jump added all the cat stuff.

Refer to


24-04-2007 18:31:42

My chocolate lab is Loki, and my English Mastiff is Hadrian. First is a little known, second, most people don't have a clue. It's a histoy lesson though....


24-04-2007 18:32:17

Or I could just name him father and call him daddy for short lol


24-04-2007 18:37:23

Mine is Thump.


24-04-2007 18:40:00

We fostered a dog from the ASPCA and were planning on adopting it as well. When we got her, her name was Bonnie. We thought that was a horrible name for a dog, so we kept trying to come up with a new name, Eventually we gave up and just called her Bonnie.

I think we figured all that time she was called Bonnie, to start calling her something else would confuse the shit out of her.


24-04-2007 18:50:46

haha, my moms name is Bonnie.


24-04-2007 18:52:15

u could always wait and see if she does anything defining. our dog decided to jump off a second story balcony before we got her...they names her amelia for amelia airheart (not the right spelling)


24-04-2007 18:56:13

I would have named it dumbass.


24-04-2007 18:56:19

she jumped off a balcony!! I had my patio door open earlier, and I got scared I wouldn't see him go out there and he would jump so I closed it!

She lived through that! CRAZY!


24-04-2007 19:09:19

[quote7e7203df7b="Jenncherry99"]she jumped off a balcony!! I had my patio door open earlier, and I got scared I wouldn't see him go out there and he would jump so I closed it!

She lived through that! CRAZY![/quote7e7203df7b]
Cute dog, makes me sad that I can't get a dog at the moment. So it's a he or a she? Jeter is not a bad name but then I'd feel sorry for the dog everytime the yankees lose in the playoffs. How about Dice-K? Otherwise I'd go with any of ilanbg's ideas.

Jump added all the cat stuff.

Refer to
Fucking hilarious. I was wondering how that happened. Did anyone PM you do talk about cats? lol


24-04-2007 19:10:25

Just this one

[quote5c31ecc679="MAMASHOOKY"]I think your cats are cute but I love my Beagle. She is my baby.[/quote5c31ecc679]


24-04-2007 19:15:30

hahaha, thats funny!

It's either Bentley, Jeter, or maybe Bear...I know bear wierd but he looks like a bear!


24-04-2007 19:21:27

[i89ae36bfce]Sir Coolahan.[/i89ae36bfce]


24-04-2007 19:29:07

Blackie, i used to have a doberman named Blackie. Black- ee


24-04-2007 20:17:14

what about Tyson


24-04-2007 20:22:38

I know a few dogs named Tyson, lots of dogs named Bear, lots of cats named Loki, but I still like Bentley..I dunno why, it's just kinda cute ) And please don't name your dog Jeter. It's fine if you like Jeter and all but please...just don't do it lol


24-04-2007 20:28:24

Bah, I give up. My genius is wasted on the dumb.


24-04-2007 20:43:16

your genius is not wasted...

I was thinking king though, thats what I think of when I hear sir


24-04-2007 20:45:52

lol, I was kidding.

How about Archduke?

Then you can call him "Duke" for short, which is a fairly common name. He gets an awesome eccentric name but also an easy, traditional one.

Oh man I'm a genius.


24-04-2007 21:01:29

I think it's going to be King, he's laying around like he's in charge. Like the king


24-04-2007 21:04:53

and the name is.....TITO

Nothing that wasn't ever mentioned, but it just came to mind and I LOVE IT!! We shall call him Tito


24-04-2007 21:49:46

Nice name, but Dwight would have been better


24-04-2007 21:57:43

Any of the names I suggested would have been better.

In fact, if we were pairing names down, my suggested names would have been the only ones that remain.

Grr, I'll get dogs of my own just to name them appropriately.


24-04-2007 22:14:29

Haha. I had a Yorkshire Terrier with that name. We have 3 dogs now Tommy (mine), Sandy and Peanut )


24-04-2007 22:29:52


Nice cats bball, they yours or just random cats?


25-04-2007 07:23:40

I heard he is a big cat fan...I don't know if that is true or not.

I think one is his, one is his giflfriends and the other two in the sink together are his neighbors...


25-04-2007 07:48:00

I got my dog from the ASPCA...shes a boxer lab, very cute. Her name is Roxy )

Edit I also have 3 cats. Oldest being Zeek, and then Lumos, and Knox

Lumos means LIGHT in harry potter - he is a light colored cat

Knox means DARK in harry potter - he is black.

Can you all tell my wife is obsessed with harry potter. roll

When harry potter needs light he waves his wand and goes lumos and to turn it off to go in the dark it's knox.

I just went with it.... roll


25-04-2007 07:53:07

lol too funny. harry potter fan eh?

i like it too P


25-04-2007 07:57:33

[quotee89f56aa19="condra"]lol too funny. harry potter fan eh?

i like it too P[/quotee89f56aa19]

Oh yes, she owns every book, hardcover and soft. She even has the british version of the book.

She drags me to the opening night of all the movies too. Although I have to say I like the movies.


25-04-2007 09:13:00

I would've voted Licorice. Dunno why. He just looks like one. )


25-04-2007 11:18:56



25-04-2007 11:25:09

My wife wants to get a wiener dog and name it "duck"


25-04-2007 13:23:08

That adorable little puppy looks like a COCOPUFF...or maybe CHOCOFLAKE...speaking of chocolate, got some in my pantry that's calling to me...


28-04-2007 19:10:17

Tito? I would've gone with Bear or Choco...


09-05-2007 15:08:42

should have named it Frank shrug

i'm gonna name my dog thumper when i get one!


09-05-2007 16:41:49

Name all of your dogs "FOAFY".


09-05-2007 16:49:21

If I had this dog (http//forum.freeipodguide.com/images/avatars/11823895454637a1f086f1c.jpg[" alt=""/imgcc1a7b2a95]) , his name would be Lenox...


09-05-2007 17:22:27

[quotef701abc492="Wolfeman"]If I had this dog (http//forum.freeipodguide.com/images/avatars/11823895454637a1f086f1c.jpg[" alt=""/imgf701abc492]) , his name would be Lenox...[/quotef701abc492]

I can't get over how hilarious that picture is.

For some reason Licorice sounds like a great name for a dog.


09-05-2007 18:33:06

So I changed my mind after Tito...his name is really Romeo. He hasn't learned it yet, but he will soon enough. He responses sometimes...but only when he wants to.


09-05-2007 19:01:50

He is the cutest puppy ever too...


09-05-2007 19:08:03

Trolius for a boy and Cressida for a girl

(think it's weird? try reading a book lol)


09-05-2007 19:36:47

I would've named it Mixmaster Scooter


09-05-2007 20:26:44

u should deff post some more pics of this rascal!


09-05-2007 20:39:32

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09-05-2007 20:41:55

http//www.diegotorres.com.ar/mensajeitor/foro/caritas/11_1_123.gif[" alt=""/img96b49f5ae6]


09-05-2007 20:42:53

he looks like a little bear!


09-05-2007 20:58:52

he looks like a little bear and he jumps around like a rabbit...

It's really funny when he chases his tail because he goes so fast he falls over. He's my funny lil man!


09-05-2007 21:28:29

god i want a dog so bad! and this thread doesn't help! i deff need to find a rental house that allows pets next year!


09-05-2007 21:32:05

just make sure they don't eat the backyard if you do! I used to live in a house with a friend and the dogs ate the fence to get to the dog next door...oops!


09-05-2007 21:36:20

I want a dog so bad it hurts. I am not around enough so its not fair to the pup...


09-05-2007 21:39:52

I am actually running into that problem right now...my sis graduates with her masters this weekend and I won't be home all day saturday. he is too little to take to doggie day care and I don't want to leave him in the cage all day, so I'm stuck. I think I am going to have my mom watch him but she has no idea what to do with a puppy...she will let him run around and not watch him so he is going to potty all over the floor then she is gonna well at me for it. so i really don't want to leave him with her but I don't think I am going to have a choice.


09-05-2007 21:41:46

[quote95e6300395="Wolfeman"]I want a dog so bad it hurts. I am not around enough so its not fair to the pup...[/quote95e6300395]

Same here. Low maintenance is the way to go.

http/" alt=""/img504.imageshack.us/img="504/1169/petrock550cjv7.jpg[" alt=""/img95e6300395]


09-05-2007 21:42:03

Bring him by and I'll watch him )


10-05-2007 00:43:37

Romeo! One of my best friends' dog is named Romeo, he's a little boston terrier (more like boston terror - he's crazy!)

Your Romeo is too cute! I miss my pit being a puppy. I want another one sooo bad.


10-05-2007 00:48:47

[quotef30dae0be0="Tholek"][quotef30dae0be0="Wolfeman"]I want a dog so bad it hurts. I am not around enough so its not fair to the pup...[/quotef30dae0be0]

Same here. Low maintenance is the way to go.

http/" alt=""/img504.imageshack.us/img="504/1169/petrock550cjv7.jpg[" alt=""/imgf30dae0be0][/quotef30dae0be0]

lol, it comes with a "care and training book". that's a decent amount of pages as well. i wonder how you can train a rock...


10-05-2007 06:51:16

It's a genius...you tell it to sit, done. You tell it to play dead, done. You tell it to stay, done. So great!