how do i do the stop.... 1???

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war god372

24-04-2007 13:22:19

yeh erm its hard


24-04-2007 13:25:54

wtf are you talking about?


24-04-2007 13:26:33

My response is going to be like that Family Guy episode where they showed Peter as Rosanne Barr's husband

She says something incoherent, and he's like...

Basically ... what is being said in this topic?


24-04-2007 13:27:07

If you're talking about canceling offers...we don't talk about that here??

But need to clarify your question.


24-04-2007 13:36:42

How do i do the go... thats what i wanna know


24-04-2007 13:39:59

The way you stop is by slowing down and not doing anything.


24-04-2007 13:41:34

[quotee0b1ca857e="Excel"]How do i do the go... thats what i wanna know[/quotee0b1ca857e]That's easy, Excel ... you just sign up for TheFreebieLife under me ) Then you not only do the go, but you get $15. Nice.

/end self promotion.

Yeah, noone knows that the original poster wanted. And he ran away before he could explain.


24-04-2007 14:17:51

Oi, please make sensible posts. If you're still going on about the Impossible Test, please confine your questions to that topic, mmmkay?