HELP! statistic project: make a statistic comic

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22-04-2007 14:49:59

im not at all whitty or someone to make a comic.

The Project You will select a topic from any unit in the course. For this topic, you will
Create a cartoon. The cartoon does not have to explain your topic, but it should reference it. It should be funny to someone who understands statistics.
Write three original AP-style multiple-choice questions relevant to the topic. They should cover the topic from a variety of aspects. At least one question should be conceptual and not involve calculations.
Write an original, multi-part, AP-style free response question that relates to the topic. It should require both calculations and an explanation.
Include a complete answer key. The multiple-choice questions should include an explanation of the correct answer and what misconceptions might cause a student to select your distracter answers. You free response key should be an AP-style grading rubric.
We will share our projects by doing a gallery walk of the cartoons. In addition, students will trade multiple-choice questions, answer them, and then discuss their answer with the creator of the questions.

i can actually make it myself but i need an idea/concept.

thanks...i really need help.


22-04-2007 15:28:58

?? what the? that's a weird project

Anyhow, experts agree that 83% of statistics are totally made up.


22-04-2007 15:49:13

it kinda has to be a cartoon and like use a concept.


22-04-2007 16:38:57

Have a professor explaining, in statistical terms, why statistics is so boring.

Have him be like, "If our z-score equals how much statistics sucks, calculate, at a 95% level of confidence, how many of you are hate my ass for teaching this crap."


22-04-2007 17:05:19

One of the funniest things about statistics is listening to the people chatting after my stats final

"Well, I think I got about half of the questions on section B right, or at least got half marks for 75% of them, and if he scaled the midterm by 10%, and I think my average for the homework was 64%...."

"Yeah, same, like, dude, I decided not to do that last question because I figured my mark from the midterm was so low..."

"I know! But I was counting the number of questions I'd actually DONE to see if I'd done half at least!"


If these guys only realized that they were ALREADY doing statistics, and just applied it to their studying instead of working out how little work they had to do to pass...


22-04-2007 18:39:33

i kinda still need concepts (for an ex like cofound variables, or like simpsons paradox) in a way so it can be short and show the concept and be funny


22-04-2007 21:00:03

i dunno... do somethign with standard deviation and confidence interval....


24-04-2007 19:37:59

bump...? plz


24-04-2007 19:47:41

Dude I just did over four hours' worth of statistics today... aaarrgh.

Um, how about you draw someone who looks pretty normal who says something like, "I may be average, but at least the standard deviation is small."

Or something similar, but funnier. I dunno; statistics is not that funny. Physics is known as "math's comedy" for a reason. shrug