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22-04-2007 07:14:39

I've used Blingo for a long time now, and I've won 2 movie tickets total. I've seen people's little Winzy signatures and it seems like they've been winning more prizes than I have. I've now tried both, and their results page is pretty hard to look at. Plus Blingo uses google, Winzy uses, so just search result wise, I think Blingo might be better. The only thing that Winzy has over Blingo is they have more search opportunities to win each day. Do you guys think you can win more prizes using Winzy instead of Blingo?


22-04-2007 17:04:06

Winzy is much easier to win prizes from. Less people know about Winzy, increasing your chances of winning.


22-04-2007 18:27:36

Winzy has an arcade )


22-04-2007 19:07:34

If anyone wants to join under me give me a PM...


22-04-2007 19:08:21

I could kiss you right about now ;)


22-04-2007 19:10:15

[quote877082d7a0="tinkerjenn"]I could kiss you right about now ;)[/quote877082d7a0] shock 8)


22-04-2007 19:12:44

If anyone wants to join under me I will give you whatever you win (if you win an iPod nano, I will mail it to you.. as long as you pay the $$ for the shipping).. I just want the points collected every day ) PM if you want to join Winzy under me...

I like Winzy a lot better, I've won a bunch of gift certs (never an iPod yet, but just joined a week ago)..


22-04-2007 19:13:24

i won 4 movie tickets on blingo in i think 3 months, but nothing since then (beena few months).


22-04-2007 19:16:22

[quote7d9ff04bae="gnznroses"]i won 4 movie tickets on blingo in i think 3 months, but nothing since then (beena few months).[/quote7d9ff04bae]

At least you won something.. I've never won from Blingo (for the month that I used it and then gave up.. )


22-04-2007 19:24:35

I totally just kicked paper's ass for 517 points.


22-04-2007 22:06:19

Winzy seems easier and more fun to use


22-04-2007 23:36:27

Hey, several people here posted winzy ref links in their sigs. The images are fine, but not the links. Don't readd them.


23-04-2007 12:14:19

if it requires playing games or something i wouldn't wanna do it. blingo is useful cause it's something i do anyways and requires no extra time.


23-04-2007 12:21:13

you don't lihaveli to play just can if you want )


23-04-2007 12:27:58

The games are for fun which you can lose or gain more points from


23-04-2007 14:54:19

I just signed up for winzy last night under wolfeman and won twice in a row ) , i had been using blingo for more than half a year and never won . If u wanna sign up, hit me up


23-04-2007 15:17:37

Well, I've signed up. Actually under tinkerjenn because her sig made me think about it. I dunno how I like the results though. It seems like Blingo's doing a better job at that. I guess I'll just use both. lol.


23-04-2007 16:20:56

I'm up to 1000 points, how much do you usually need to win something?


23-04-2007 17:53:52

I'll sign up on Winzy for the very first person who PMs me a link.


23-04-2007 17:55:31

ok, i'm good, dupebag sent me a link.


23-04-2007 18:38:17


Dupe's good like that ;)


23-04-2007 18:44:01


Dupe's good like that ;)[/quote606a5cf37c]

Thanks )

did you get those 500 points i won today?


23-04-2007 18:45:07

yessir ;)

Easy Bling

24-04-2007 00:18:12

How do you like the prizes I'm getting you bluex?


24-04-2007 11:44:23

So far up to 8000 points... Too bad you can't turn the points into cash, that'd be much better than going into some contest.


24-04-2007 11:45:47

I'm not crazy about the search engine, I much prefer Google. However I'll stick with it for awhile I suppose and see what happens. I was never lucky with Blingo, so maybe I'll score something here that makes it worth my time.


24-04-2007 11:46:28

I've got 4000 points I think...


24-04-2007 12:03:04

I don't ever win anything except vicariously \


24-04-2007 13:26:29

okay, someone hit me with a ref link. I want to try this out.


24-04-2007 13:56:13

Lost In The Arcade -705 points

lol... the arcade hates me


24-04-2007 13:58:02

I got 470 in 2 days


24-04-2007 14:13:15

I lost all my first day's points in the arcade yesterday. So today I started with zero.

I just checked and I have 1050 points, after only a half dozen searches or so. I posted my "button" in my sig on another forum I frequent (yes, we allow reflinks there) and I'm getting all these points just from people clicking to check it out. )


24-04-2007 14:37:44

Winzy Searches 300 points
Winzy Bonus Points 2,110 points
Instant Win 420 points

get a lot of points for the views of the button


24-04-2007 16:47:08

winzy is not working for me


24-04-2007 16:49:14

Yep, it seems to be down atm.


24-04-2007 18:47:08

thanks, Paczki.


24-04-2007 18:47:19

Thanks dmorris, now, to just win something other than points..... And I'm definately thinking Rock, paper, scissors is a cheater....


24-04-2007 18:48:58

The problem with this site is that you don't give a crap about your Winzy points, so you end up losing them all on rock, paper, scissor. Well, maybe it's just me. shrug


25-04-2007 19:57:34

[quotec27dd66a86="bballp6699"]The problem with this site is that you don't give a crap about your Winzy points, so you end up losing them all on rock, paper, scissor. Well, maybe it's just me. shrug[/quotec27dd66a86]

Yeah, that's one beaf I have with the site.. sure, you have a shot at $100K or an iPod/Xbox/etc, but really, I'd rather use the Winzy points to earn towards gifts or whatnot..

The arcade is a cool addon, but I've lost 1700 points to it..

I've got just over 12,000 points now..


25-04-2007 20:04:29

This looks pretty cool! If anyone wants a reflink pm me ;)