quick question "plant material weighing"

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20-04-2007 16:51:04

Ok how many grams is a quarter... j/w


20-04-2007 16:57:06

7 ) 28 grams in an oz.


20-04-2007 16:57:57

7 grams.


20-04-2007 17:31:07

I thought we were aiming for less drug related content? shrug


20-04-2007 17:32:06

I dunno. That's a simple math related question if he goes and changes the topic title ... ;)


20-04-2007 18:12:46

This board is giving off fumes.


20-04-2007 18:49:57

Google is your friend... Just type in "1 ounce = ? grams" sans the quotes... Same goes for any other measurements.


20-04-2007 19:11:46

But are you talking about a quarter sack? One that costs $25? There's a nickel bag, dime bag and quarter sack.... Street terms for monetary value, not so much weight.


20-04-2007 19:15:47

Yeah, this is exactly the sort of discussions we need to NOT be having on the forums. Admin is trying to clean up the image here to be more conducive to some future plans we have for FiPG. I'll lock it & leave it for now but since it's not too explicit, but be prepared for topics like this to disappear.

[b5b48110d77]Edit[/b5b48110d77] Nevermind, I'm not gonna lock it, I'm just going to edit the subject to remove the reference. Please keep in mind that we're trying to clean up our image, though.