cool screensavers

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20-04-2007 15:47:23

where can i get cool free screensavers? o

like aquariums and whatnot


20-04-2007 15:51:54

Google search )

I personally don't know. There are many cool screensavers that are trials, like those at http//, but still work just as well as if you paid for them (although sometimes they have little popups which can be annoying). I've used a few from that site myself.

Good luck in your search; maybe other members will know of better (and truly free) sites for you )


20-04-2007 16:28:33

Try http// - I've used a lot of their stuff, but beware that some (i.e. WindowsBlinds) are resource whores.

Currently I've got a "Matrix" screensaver which I've probably had on this computer for over a year now http//