Just got into the accelerated management-law program!!!!!!!!

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19-04-2007 09:01:34

Well, I am sitting here at an intro to econ class and I am super bored. I am doing the overnight program at Rensselaer. So, today I walk into Rensselaer and the admissions lady is like you got in. I was like sweet! This basically means I will be spending 3 years at RPI, and I have guaranteed admission to Albany law school. Most students go on to Columbia Law school as this program is prestigious and 3 people per year do this. I am so psyched because I got countless waitlists and rejections from all these colleges, but then this good news rolls in. So yeah, I am pretty happy right now.


19-04-2007 09:12:47


You've got it easy for the moment though, Intro to Econ is an easy class. I'm sitting in Numerical Computing, and not only is it hard, but I actually have to pay attention wink


19-04-2007 09:41:25

haha thanks dude, right now I am playing counter strike and making some posts on fipg haha


19-04-2007 12:25:17

Congrats man. Wish you all the best.