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18-04-2007 00:51:46

Ok so I sat down to watch some Boondock Saints when this guy popped up on AIM trying to talk to me. Basically he claims to have completed an incentive site at with 9 referrals and that I owe him $550 because I have had that URL parked through Start Logic since February.

His e-mail is if one of the mods could check for him maybe.

[quote587a6e4efe]myturbinizdirty (12543 AM) purple monkey dishwasher
FastMoneyFree (12437 AM) hmm
FastMoneyFree (12502 AM) meaning?
myturbinizdirty (12707 AM) green firetruck apple
FastMoneyFree (12542 AM) ok
myturbinizdirty (12730 AM) comprende
myturbinizdirty (12730 AM) '
myturbinizdirty (12732 AM) ?
FastMoneyFree (12556 AM) no
myturbinizdirty (12747 AM) no hablas espanol?
FastMoneyFree (12626 AM) yo hablo english
myturbinizdirty (12821 AM) english es horrible y abburido!
FastMoneyFree (12651 AM) I see.
myturbinizdirty (12844 AM) Veo!
myturbinizdirty (12905 AM) No hay ningun problema
FastMoneyFree (12741 AM) .
myturbinizdirty (12927 AM) ?
FastMoneyFree (12801 AM) Good bye.
myturbinizdirty (13014 AM) You no tech support in spanish?
FastMoneyFree (12846 AM) wtf
myturbinizdirty (13041 AM) ?
FastMoneyFree (12914 AM) I dont know you
myturbinizdirty (13110 AM) i do your webpage
FastMoneyFree (12939 AM) What is my webpage?
myturbinizdirty (13130 AM) fastmoneyfree
myturbinizdirty (13144 AM) si?
FastMoneyFree (13040 AM) I just own the URL, I dont have anything hosted there...
myturbinizdirty (13300 AM) Oh, so you don't have a incentives website anymore?
FastMoneyFree (13129 AM) I never did.
myturbinizdirty (13318 AM) You didn't?
FastMoneyFree (13145 AM) No
myturbinizdirty (13436 AM) I think I completed your site though
FastMoneyFree (13305 AM) I never had a site
myturbinizdirty (13449 AM) Yes you did
FastMoneyFree (13321 AM) What was the url?
myturbinizdirty (13507 AM)
myturbinizdirty (13524 AM) i got 9 referrals and I completed all my offers and everything was green
myturbinizdirty (13536 AM) You owe me $550
FastMoneyFree (13400 AM) When was this?
myturbinizdirty (13549 AM) Last month
FastMoneyFree (13506 AM) Nope, you are mistaken. I have been parked at for about three months with absolutley nothing hosted besides Under Construction page
FastMoneyFree (13513 AM) You confused me for a different site
FastMoneyFree (13531 AM) Do you use FRee Ipod GUide forum?
myturbinizdirty (13728 AM) Yes
myturbinizdirty (13743 AM) I even have a trade in my private messages for your site
FastMoneyFree (13611 AM) What is your username?
myturbinizdirty (13838 AM) I forgot
FastMoneyFree (13712 AM) Well how can you login without your username?
myturbinizdirty (13922 AM) maybe proctor or proct0r
myturbinizdirty (14021 AM) I just know you had a site and I finished the 9 referrals
myturbinizdirty (14026 AM) and that you owe me $550
myturbinizdirty (14119 AM) Or I am calling the police on you
FastMoneyFree (14038 AM) Neither of those names are users of FIPG
myturbinizdirty (14248 AM) Oh well then I don't remember the names, I havn't been there in at least a month or two
FastMoneyFree (14154 AM) How can you just forget...
myturbinizdirty (14345 AM) I have short term memory loss
FastMoneyFree (14226 AM) Ohh I see.
myturbinizdirty (14422 AM) Yes, sorry I was born that way.[/quote587a6e4efe]


18-04-2007 01:03:33

Hey coolvaughan, don't you owe me $550?...

Just kidding. Sounds like someone just looking to mess with you.

Did a quick google search ... seems the guys name is Tom Proctor, and here are a few links referencing his sn
Strange guy.
Selling lasers.


18-04-2007 01:03:55

Eventhough I know spanish, not me )


18-04-2007 01:03:59

rofl that's too funny! some people.. roll


18-04-2007 01:07:58


Some rather creepy posts by him...


18-04-2007 01:08:48

[quote60269524d2]Anybody want to chat with me about pantyhose on AIM?

I'd like to meet some people on here. I usually just browse around here and have been for over a year now.

My AIM screen name is myturbinizdirty



18-04-2007 01:14:03

[quote2c697d8cd1]FastMoneyFree (15104 AM) Well Tom, the best thing for you to do is get back on FIPG and find that trade message
myturbinizdirty (15313 AM) How did you pull up that name?
myturbinizdirty (15320 AM) You're very wrong
myturbinizdirty (15323 AM) Not even close
FastMoneyFree (15207 AM) What does a name matter?
FastMoneyFree (15217 AM) And what were you doing on a Panyhose discussion forum....
myturbinizdirty (15420 AM) I work as a photographer.
FastMoneyFree (15250 AM) I see.
FastMoneyFree (15326 AM) Did you ever get your WickedLasers camera sold?
myturbinizdirty (15519 AM) Wickedlasers makes cameras?
FastMoneyFree (15358 AM) Flashlight, camera
FastMoneyFree (15402 AM) Basically the samge thing
myturbinizdirty (15603 AM) I don't have a flashlight
myturbinizdirty (15610 AM) And I have a professional camera
FastMoneyFree (15441 AM) http//
FastMoneyFree (15448 AM) Whatever you want to call that
FastMoneyFree (15502 AM) Your asking price of $170 seems a little steep hough
myturbinizdirty (15644 AM) That is called a laser.
FastMoneyFree (15513 AM) Ok
myturbinizdirty (15701 AM) $170 is actually cheap
FastMoneyFree (15535 AM) For you
myturbinizdirty (15720 AM) and I actually traded that laser for an iBook
FastMoneyFree (15551 AM) Well congratulations
myturbinizdirty (15740 AM) Thank you
myturbinizdirty (15807 AM) You get +1 points for such good googling!
myturbinizdirty (15824 AM) May I have my $550 now please?
FastMoneyFree (15843 AM) Do you any proof?
myturbinizdirty (20108 AM) Yes, I was just about to close my laptop so I will find the screenshot and send it tomorrow
FastMoneyFree (15940 AM) Well
FastMoneyFree (15945 AM) We have all night
FastMoneyFree (15951 AM) Why not just send it now
myturbinizdirty (20142 AM) Because I have to wake up and go to work in 3 hours you see
FastMoneyFree (20010 AM) Oh ok
FastMoneyFree (20024 AM) But in the time it took you to reply you could have takend that screenshot.
myturbinizdirty (20224 AM) I actually have it saved on my PC, and i'm on my macbook right now
FastMoneyFree (20050 AM) See, your still talking...
myturbinizdirty (20228 AM) So, conflicts there.
FastMoneyFree (20058 AM) Very well
myturbinizdirty (20237 AM) Nice talking to you, goodnight sir.
myturbinizdirty (20253 AM) Hope we can fix this mishap tomorrow.
FastMoneyFree (20126 AM) We can try our best -D
myturbinizdirty (20308 AM) Neat
FastMoneyFree (20139 AM) Not really...
myturbinizdirty (20323 AM) very[/quote2c697d8cd1]


18-04-2007 01:18:56

Interesting ... lol. Horray for googling ...

Funny how this person IMed you, when he
1. Didn't want to offer proof.
2. Can't remember his username.
3. "Finished" a site that doesn't exist.
4. Wants to be paid, but can't show you proof, because it is on a different computer...and
5. IMs you wanting to be paid, and when you ask for proof, he suddenly has to go to sleep so he can get up in 3 hours. Maybe he shouldn't have IMed you so late.

Lol. That's all I have to say is lol.


18-04-2007 02:37:20



18-04-2007 12:14:30

He messages me every now and then and says retarded things. Just block him...


18-04-2007 12:45:51

It's me...


18-04-2007 13:05:36

wow, it's amazing how people get off looking at people wearing pantyhose pictures and feet pictures..... shivers..