Amazon coupons?

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15-04-2007 11:32:52

Does anyone know of any place online where I can get coupons for Thanks


15-04-2007 11:50:29

for the most part the only amazon coupons you're going to find are the ones they release through their affiliate program. you can find them easily at a place like

it's always been my understanding that amazon is more about competitive pricing in general than specific blockbuster sales (although they have those too[=http//]they have those too, from time to time)


15-04-2007 11:57:47

Yeah, I was really thinking about buying that receiver.


15-04-2007 13:31:55

i'm using it right now on a pair of jbl decade L26s with new woofers. the component video switching makes my (one-input) netblue plasma a lot more useful, and the receiver has some nice extra features you wouldn't expect at that price level (ipod dock, XM ready, 3x optical + 1x digital audio inputs) but is still easy to use. the remote controls the tv and cable box here just fine so we've gone from a dizzying array of manual switching and 3 remotes to 1 remote which can control/switch every component.


15-04-2007 13:39:12

I saw it on Slick Deals this week right after I bought the Mio C310x GPS ($150) and the external 160 gig hard drive($50), so my funds are a little low. I hope the deal sticks around until I get my tax return. I might jump on it. I'm sure my fiance will love the XM. I wasn't aware the remote could control the TV and cable box. Even better.


15-04-2007 13:44:26

yeah it even works with the guide stuff on the cable box. it can do CD players and a few others as well. if you get the $100 ipod dock, you can get direct ipod input on the receiver and have it charge, plus you can control the ipod from the remote as well. beautiful integration


15-04-2007 13:48:46

did i mention $5 amazon prime overnight saturday delivery? i checked out and it was at my door, on a weekend, about 21 hours later. amazon fucking rules.