In San Francisco!

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15-04-2007 00:46:41

So I'm actually not in IN San Francisco, I'm at the Hyatt San Francisco Hotel in Burlinggame, CA at another MUN conference.

I just got back from San Francisco in the Powell area. We took the BART train to San Fran, and then just hung around, I got to ride a trolley for the first time, me and my friend rode up this big ass hill, and then walked down, but hell.. we were on a trolley!

Yeah, and we just toured the town and whatnot, strolled Union Square. On the way back on the BART train, it freakin' got stuck in the middle of a tunnel for at least 3 minutes, and then this conductor walked to the back of the train, and the train went backwards like 3 times before it started going forwards.

But either way, it was a blast. I'm going to be staying at the hotel until Tuesday.


15-04-2007 02:53:15

sweetness, have fun chexo


15-04-2007 03:34:25

Is it true that the streets are paved with Rice-A-Roni?