anyone know how to make a Paypal copy?

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14-04-2007 20:14:45

I want to show proof of payment on some other sites i work on and dont know how to get a copy of my paypal deposits. Please help me! roll


14-04-2007 20:17:21

Take a screenshot of your history, hit "print scr" on ur keyboard and then open an image editing software and pste it onto there and save it.


14-04-2007 21:40:28

Ok i will give it a try. Thanks for your help! D


14-04-2007 22:20:19

Forgive me, x323, it must be done.

1. Open up your Internet browser and go to PayPal.

2. Login and click the "Details" link for your payment which is directly horizontal left from the amount.

3. Now, hit the "PRT SC" button your keyboard

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Click the picture to locate that button on your keyboard.

4. Now, minimize your browser and go to your "Start" button on the bottom left corner of your operating system. Then go to "All Programs" then go to "Accessories" then go to "Microsoft Paint". If it's not there, then go to "Start", and then click "Search" and search the term "MSPAINT".

5. Now once you are in Microsoft Paint, right click your mouse and hit paste. Now you should see the screenshot you took! Now, take the brush tool on the left toolbar and blur out information you want to keep confidential. I would suggest blurring out the PayPal transaction ID as well as your email or last name if it displays.

6. Now, save this to your desktop. By going up to "File" and clicking "Save".

7. Now, open your Internet browser back up and go to a hosting website. My favorite is http// . Once you go there, click Browse and then go to "Desktop" and click on the screenshot you just saved. Now click

8. Now, you should see a few links after a couple of minutes. Which one do you use? Well, If you want to display it as a thumbnail picture like the one above then just copy the link next to "Thumbnail for forums (1)". Now that you have that code, all you have to do is paste that on the forums. If you want to have the whole image just slapped directly into the forum without any shrinking, grab the last link "Direct link" and just use these codes

INSERTCODEHERE[" alt=""/img]

If you want to show your friends via instant messenger or email, just paste the direct link and they can click on it and it will be displayed.