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14-04-2007 02:36:50

Ever see the "mystery box" items on ebay? I'm going to bid on 7 different ones, getting multiple of the cheaper ones, with the money I received from completing my TraInn sites. I'm going to spend ~$150 total. Gonna see how these this goes, I'm a little excited about it, but really don't expect to get much in return. Anybody tried these before?

sandra habina

14-04-2007 03:02:20

No but I have seen them and have wanted to try - but I am chicken. Good luck to you slambam. You gotta let us know how it goes.


14-04-2007 07:32:05

this never made sense to me. it must be junk in the auction.

i mean.... who is going to give away "guarenteed $500 worth of merchandise" for only $50? Dont go by feedback either. People can win their own auctions and "mutually agree to no complete the transaction" with themselves (other account) to avoid fees. But they still retain the option to leave feedback. Or some people just like junk.

I just think it's realistic that you dont expect much so that is good. Oh well, let us know what they end up mailing you. And good luck!


14-04-2007 11:01:02

I too am interested to see what you will get. Good luck.


14-04-2007 12:14:33

i've seen those and have been too chicken, let us know how it goes. Did you bid on any yet?


14-04-2007 13:58:25

What are they?


14-04-2007 17:13:44

[quote9847a36feb="Wolfeman"]What are they?[/quote9847a36feb]
Well if he told you, it wouldn't be a mystery anymore!


14-04-2007 17:15:45

Looks like some of them give you a round about idea of whats inside.


14-04-2007 17:24:55

I'd rather buy Woot's random bag of crap, myself...

But yeah...let us know how it goes...I bet you get a dirty sock in one of them, tho


14-04-2007 23:22:38

Alright. I put in bids on a few this morning. I bought these (amount is for each)

-- 2 for $15 RECEIVED[/color627308663b] $16 and $4 paypal RESULT[/color627308663b] -$10
-- 5 for $5 (buy 5 get 1 free) $$ SENT - waiting for response
-- 10 for $2 RECEIVED[/color627308663b] $13.69 paypal + 5 different wholesale list/coupon RESULT[/color627308663b] -$6.31 (but got lists, whoopie)
-- 20 for $0.99 (buy 20 get 7 free) $$ SENT - waiting for response
-- 20 for $0.89 (buy 20 get 4 free) Gotta send in mail
-- 10 for $2.50 (buy 10 get 2 free) $$ SENT - will receive in mail
-- 1 for $21 Gotta send in mail

Total spend including shipping $162.58
Total received so far AFTER paypal fees and all
- $31.81
- Portable DVD, LCD screen, "Ultimate," "eBay" Wholesale Lists, Joke eBook, 5% off

Kinda lame, but I guess between the two things so far I've gotten more than half of my money back.


15-04-2007 14:21:31

I have done mystery auctions before but they've always been for a specific type of item and as the bid went up so did the value.