3 Moola Invites!

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14-04-2007 00:08:53

I have [b88564ea580]3 Invites[/b88564ea580] ready to hand out!

I would like to exchange. All you have to do is sign up by clicking on my Signature. First 3 to sign up under me will get the invites. DON'T FORGET pm me your email address with the Username u signup with. so I can give it to the right person. Thanks! btw Winzy's pritty cool, so u might like it P

Waiting for your PM's

arrow [b88564ea580]3 STILL LEFT!![/b88564ea580][/size88564ea580][/color88564ea580]


14-04-2007 00:16:51

not gonna happen, dude


14-04-2007 00:21:50

lol alright, none for you then. )


14-04-2007 00:42:01

seriously, you'll probably get banned if you dont take out your sig


14-04-2007 00:53:39

if its against the rules a warning will be good enough. but I dont think so. I'm just trying to do a trade anyways. not like it cost anything to sign up there. I just get some points. )


14-04-2007 00:55:55

? It's a ref link, and those aren't allowed. Sorry, but you gotta take it out.


14-04-2007 13:54:47

Aww, dangit, he took it out. ( Why do so many people sign up for FIPG just to do this crap?