Anyone know how to post flash stuff?

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13-04-2007 22:57:48

I'm trying to put a flash music player on my MySpace profile, and I want the songs to play at random, but I cant figure out how to make it do it. Here's the code for the flash, is it something I am able to do?

http/" alt=""/"85/1878/codezh7.jpg[" alt=""/img615067abc9]


14-04-2007 00:09:38



14-04-2007 07:14:24

I know you have to use the embed tag, but that's as far as my knowledge goes.


14-04-2007 07:19:24

are you sure that doesnt work on myspace? all the player that you can get for myspace are flash already


14-04-2007 09:23:49

put that in your profile - html and all. I don;t have MySpace but I'm pretty sure it accepts both HTML and CSS