Wireless External Harddrive

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13-04-2007 10:07:34

Is it possible to make any external hard drive wireless or do you have to buy a special case? I read there was some link between linksys and maxtor being made about 3 years ago but I don't see anything come from it. I have a laptop and its annoying for it not to be mobile when I want to listen to music.


13-04-2007 12:47:45

The new Mac Airport Extreme N-router has a USB port to plug in a external modem into the router and you can pick it up wirelessly. Its about $179


13-04-2007 13:48:03

They exist, they're called a wireless NAS (Network Attached Storage).


However they're fairly expensive for what they do. Personally I'd just recycle an old PC, or build a new SFF PC, with a WiFi NIC running FreeNAS or some other server OS and a bunch of HDD's. Would be cheaper and far more flexible.

If you have a wireless router with a switch in back, you can buy Ethernet-capable HDD enclosures that you can locate near your router and accomplish the same thing for much cheaper. I've seen 'em go for $50 or so.


14-04-2007 20:19:43

what are some solutions for like using a central hd for a college dorm room. like sharing a common, external hd for like music/movies/multimedia and is it possible to have 2 people on at once.


15-04-2007 04:45:59

Buy apple airport express. You plug in the wireless extender in the wall, and it has a USB for anything. You can use it for a printer or for a hard drive.


15-04-2007 07:18:35

why connect using windows media connect?


15-04-2007 19:32:30

Also keep in mind that wireless file transfers are going to be S-L-O-W. Copying multi-gigabytes over even the best quality wireless connection is excruciating, compared to a wired connection. If you can swing a wired NAS, I would highly recommend it unless your files are going to be small.