How long to get paypal of limited account?

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12-04-2007 10:47:26

I don't know what the lililili happen but my account went on limited account and can't send no money has this happen to anyone and do you know the average time it takes to get this things cleared up? Paypal also put a hold on a payment i recieved for $640 x


12-04-2007 10:51:05

That will happen, i've seen it happen.

When my account got limited I had to call them up and they said wait a day and it should be fine, well i waited like 2 days and it was still limited so I called again and sternly required my account to not be limited and they lifted the limit on the phone.


12-04-2007 11:00:31

What did you tell them tho? They are showing me all this transactions when i recived payments from site owners and find it odd and then say that im sending too many payments, and they have my $640 on hold from GiftMonster ( did they tell u to fax them any info?


12-04-2007 11:05:21

My limit wasn't the same as yours. But I have seen others have problems like you are but for a payment from Train, call them and see whats up exactly


12-04-2007 11:35:34

i have done a ton of ebay and freebie crap and never got limited because of that.

i have had i think 2 bad ebay transactions that were my fault and the other side escelated the claim, and i could just click on a button to fund my account and refund them from my bank and it was taken off quick.

your situation sounds different they probably suspect fraud/money laundering or something.


12-04-2007 12:15:57

This happened to me last week. They said since my PayPal was a "new account" (less than 60 days old?) and I was recieving so many small transactions they had to limit my account for "security purposes". Basically, covering their ass to make sure their service isn't being used for any illegal activity. My account was put on hold on March 30th, and on April 4th, after 11 phone calls, 7 emails, and rude customer service reps my account was finally restored. It was hell. I don't know if your situation is the same but I wish you luck. Provide them any and all info they ask for having to do with transactions, try to talk to the same person everytime on the phone (preferrably a supervisor-most people there are lame and don't know what they're talking about.), and cross your fingers.


12-04-2007 12:20:12

And when they wanted me to verify my phone....I had a cell phone so they couldn't verify my cell phone and were rude about it too....I'm like uhh I don't have a LAN line just a cell.


12-04-2007 12:32:31

They want proof of the sites im receiving the payments from


12-04-2007 12:34:46

[quoteedff499dd1="gmario"]They want proof of the sites im receiving the payments from[/quoteedff499dd1]

Just give them the addresses of the sites. I had to give them all the addresses for the sites I went green on. The "review board" will get back to you in 24-48hrs roll (so they say..) Good luck man.


12-04-2007 12:36:09

wait what you do? becuase i think you had the same issue as me fo sho.


12-04-2007 12:40:27

I called them and found out exactly what I needed to send them. They just need "in writing" (in email) the website address, so they can go to it and verify that it exists. I gave them the amount of the transaction, who it was from, what website I went green on, AND I had to make sure I gave a full description of what a "referral" is and how it came into play with the transactions. It's all just to cover their ass, but once it's over it won't happen again (for the same reason anyways). Hope yours gets resolved quicker than mine!!


12-04-2007 18:24:15

I went through this too, heres what they told me.

PayPal Acceptable Use Policy


This Policy was last modified on March 8, 2007.

PayPal does not allow its service to be used for illegal activities. PayPal reserves the right to take preventative or corrective actions to protect itself and its users. Thus, PayPal has developed an Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"), as part of the User Agreement to which each customer agrees at the time of initiation of service. This policy helps customers identify activities that are illegal or may be illegal under certain circumstances, and to identify certain types of activities for which PayPal has decided not to process payments, even if the activities may be legal. PayPal reserves the right to revise or make exceptions to the AUP, in order to reflect changing customer and business needs. Notice of revisions to the AUP will be posted in the Policy Update section on PayPalís website, https//, and the current AUP is available at https//

Despite PayPalís active enforcement of its Policies, ultimately it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all transactions comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and the guidelines below.

PayPal users buying and selling on eBay should note that eBay maintains its own policies to ensure a safe and legally compliant marketplace. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all transactions on the eBay marketplace comply with both PayPal and eBayís rules and regulations.

Transactions Covered by the Acceptable Use Policy.
The Acceptable Use Policy covers all PayPal transactions including donations, purchases, and sale of all goods and services, on eBay, another online marketplace, through the seller's own website, or any other forum.

Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy.
Violating PayPalís Acceptable Use Policy may result in temporary or permanent limitation of a customerís account. This includes the inability to send and/or receive payments, to remove financial information from an account, and for users to close their accounts as a way of evading the policy. Additionally, users whose accounts are permanently limited for violating the Acceptable Use Policy are barred from future use of PayPal and its services, and such users are not permitted to open new or additional PayPal accounts.

If you have a question about whether your proposed or existing business violates the Acceptable Use Policy, you can email= PayPalís AUP Compliance Department at PayPalís AUP Compliance Department at

If you encounter violations of the Acceptable Use Policy, please report them to PayPal immediately.

Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix Programs


You may not use PayPal to send or receive payments for any form of multi-level marketing programs (including online payment randomizers), as well as matrix, pyramid and Ponzi schemes, "get rich quick" schemes, ďAutosurfĒ programs, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), or other similar ventures.

Multi-Level Marketing
Multi-level marketing plans, also known as "network" or "matrix" marketing, include any business in which a person receives proceeds from his or her own sales of goods or services, of recruited members, or any combination thereof. Similarly, PayPal prohibits as a Multi-Level Marketing plan any business in which payouts occur at two or more levels (both by the individual who actually sold the product as well as by the person(s) "upline" that recruited the selling individual). PayPal prohibits Multi-level Marketing plans whether or not they are legal under the laws of one or more states.

Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes
Pyramid schemes, including Gifting Clubs, involve the exchange of money in relation to the process of enrolling other people into the scheme. PayPal includes in its definition of "pyramid schemes" any system in which a hierarchy is created by people joining under others who joined previously, and in which those who join make payments to those above them in the hierarchy ("upline"). Pyramid schemes are prohibited as a form of investment fraud by federal laws and by the laws of each of the fifty individual states. PayPal considers online payment randomizers to be a type of pyramid scheme because the majority of commissions are paid for recruitment of new members, and typically operate by random placement within the program.

Ponzi schemes involve a system in which existing members of a program receive payouts that are largely funded by new payments into the program. The source of these new payments into the program can either be from new members paying to join the program or from existing members contributing more money to the program.

[bec110c2dcb]Matrix Programs
PayPal prohibits as a "matrix program" any business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for the purpose of being added to a waiting list for a product. In these instances, the individual at the top of the list receives the product only after a set number of people have joined below him or her.[/bec110c2dcb]

"Get Rich Quick" And Other Related Businesses
Get Rich Quick schemes include any type of self-employment, start-up businesses, or investment opportunity where the claims of profit or returns on investment are unrealistic or unsupported. By law, if a business opportunity costs $500.00 USD or more, the promoter is required to support any claims regarding earnings or profits with written documentation.

In determining whether a website or account violates our Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix Programs Policy, PayPal will consider some or all of the following factors

Offering commissions to recruit new members
Requiring new distributors to purchase costly inventory or "start-up kits"
Members' profits are derived from recruiting new members or from the sales of newly-recruited members ("downline"), rather than their own sales
Payouts are funded through money paid into the system by new or existing members
Money paid into the system is significantly greater than money paid out
Unrealistic or unsupported promises regarding profits/return on investment
Percentage of the companyís goods sold by non-distributor
Businesses warned against by the Better Business Bureau, state Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), or any state or federal agency
Flow of money derived from new members predominantly moves "upline"
Preservation of the business rests on the exponential growth of new members or customers
Speculative real estate or non-development property


12-04-2007 18:28:35

^^^ If PayPal really enforces this and it pertains to IFW's, we're all doomed! ?


12-04-2007 18:49:44

Heres the link that shows all the policies.


I think gmario may have to upgrade to a business account to lift the limits.


12-04-2007 19:36:29


Misinformation abounds.

Freebie sites are not a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme relies on the contributions of others, below you in line, at a 3rd tier or lower. For example if you had to get 5 referrals, and those 5 referrals each had to get 5 referrals before you got your prize, then the free site would be a Ponzi. However, that's not the case.

Once you understand how Ponzi is designed to 'work' then you'll be better able to explain to Paypal why you're not conducting a Ponzi scheme, and have your account unlimited.

Bone up here http// then contact Paypal again.


12-04-2007 19:41:28

does it fall under the matrix as in bold above?


12-04-2007 19:49:03

No, because you're not sending any one person or entity money. You're completing a trial offer of a particular product. If instead you sent NewSiteOwner $50 in place of doing an offer, then you're treading on thinner ice, imo, but still not a matric scheme.


12-04-2007 20:13:58

cool, Anyways, I just threw myself at the mercie of paypal and told them that If I were violating any policys, I wasnt aware of it, I have read and understand the term and conditions, Please re-instate my account and I make sure this wont happen again. So basicly, make yourself look like a dumbass and they are all mighty.


12-04-2007 20:38:15

and that fix it? should i call them again tomorrow becuase i sent them an email? what should i tell them this is killing me http//[" alt=""/img55c82c8ec3]

sandra habina

14-04-2007 03:34:17

Wow Good luck Gmario and thanks for the heads up doylnea.


14-04-2007 10:12:35

Well i got a reply again that they need more info i dunno wtf they want anymore http//[" alt=""/img322e3e82a6]


21-04-2007 23:40:08

Any idea on what to do on this situation?

- Fax copies of the original bills of sale or invoices referencing your
purchase or acquisition of the items you are selling along with the name
and telephone number of your supplier(s) for the following transactions

- In Lieu of providing actual invoices for goods sold, please explain what
the payments were for, and what your business model is.

I don't know how they want me to fax that kind of info when all those transactions are from site owners sending me money? Any idea on what i should write? and not sure about the business model?


21-04-2007 23:47:53

You really should call them and speak with a supervisor. Many people have issues with Paypal, and it's difficult to tell if it's the same kind of situation, so chances are, almost everyone will have a different answer. Calling them and asking them what to do is a more definitive answer. If you don't understand what they're talking about keep them on the phone until you do. It's their job to help you! Hope you get this cleared up soon!


22-04-2007 12:20:36

[quote71ce4c6c99="ldybug1752"]You really should call them and speak with a supervisor. Many people have issues with Paypal, and it's difficult to tell if it's the same kind of situation, so chances are, almost everyone will have a different answer. Calling them and asking them what to do is a more definitive answer. If you don't understand what they're talking about keep them on the phone until you do. It's their job to help you! Hope you get this cleared up soon![/quote71ce4c6c99]

Well i did that an my account got close ( with 4K++ ON IT!!!!!!


22-04-2007 12:29:02

They closed your account without offering you any kind of explanation as to why? Or what you need to do for them? I'd try calling again. My account was limited for 5 days and it took over 10 phone calls to get it straightened out. And talk to a supervisor, the "regular" employees seem to not give a damn about your problems and are REALLY unhelpful.


22-04-2007 12:30:25

That's why you don't keep large amounts of money in your account.


22-04-2007 13:15:26

I've explained the business model in this thread and elsewhere. Write something up, post it in this thread, and we'll review it for you and offer suggestions. I would guess you're only get to get one or two chances to resolve this before they close the matter indefinitely.


22-04-2007 20:25:45

I tried everything but this is what i got in the end

Dear Mario Girard,

Every business must balance its exposure to risk with its business goals.
At this time, we are not comfortable with the amount of risk your business
exposes itself to.

We would like to begin the process of ending our relationship in a manner
that is least disruptive to your business.

Please log in to your PayPal account and fill out the Limited Account
Access form to let us know what to do with the funds remaining in your
PayPal account.

- Log in to your PayPal account
- Click "Contact Us" and then "Contact PayPal Customer Service"
- Choose the topic "Limited Account Access," click "Continue," and write
your instructions in the message box.


22-04-2007 21:20:35

That blows dude...i re-refunded you back 8)..hope you get this worked out..they held $500 from me up until yesterday from dell.vbux..i hate paypal


22-04-2007 21:28:12

Yeh they have $640 on hold from my from GiftMonster which i doubt i'll ever get back (


22-04-2007 21:41:39

Have you asked them if you could just transfer your money to a bank account and keep a smaller amount in there from now on? I really have no idea if the amount had anything to do with it and/or could fix it. Just a suggestion shrug


23-04-2007 22:56:53

That sucks how much $$ did you guys have in there before they started screwin with your account??
Or was it just the Amount of $$ being sent back and forth
I have been a member of paypal for about a year 1/2 do you think this could still happen to me?


23-04-2007 23:03:39

can happen to anyone i guess


24-04-2007 07:30:53

Do you all have your birthday and SSN# attached to the account? I know they want it to get interest (money market) and to verify who you are, as to avoid scamming people. I know when I was limited, I just added that and they cleared it. I've been on Paypal since 99 and it didn't get limited until I started doing this. Just a thought.