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11-04-2007 17:55:55

I thought I'd show you guys a cool URL shortening website. [b25944ca20f]I do not run the site; [i25944ca20f]I did create it's script though[/i25944ca20f].[/b25944ca20f] ;)


You can create short urls just as easily as any other site, but it has other features too. You can register an account and then all urls you create are linked your account. You can either have it auto-generate a URL, or create a custom one like "http//" or something. You can add descriptions for each URL you have and you can view the last time it was clicked. Also, it has a ref link system; For each hit to your reflink, you earn money which you can cash out via either PayPal or E-gold. It's useful if you use it for your reflinks something, then if you realize you messed up with the reflink, you just have to change it on the website versus changing it on all the sites you posted it on. Since it's not my site, it's not really self promotion, I just thought I'd show you a useful service and something I scripted. )



11-04-2007 18:05:25



11-04-2007 18:20:40

Yeah, except with more features. ;)


11-04-2007 18:22:38

I prefer much more....

I kid... I kid... ;)


11-04-2007 19:24:08

Tinyurl is king, because the domain name has to do with the service! Thus easier to remember


11-04-2007 19:36:54

[quotedbb3d947ed="KnightTrader"]Tinyurl is king, because the domain name has to do with the service! Thus easier to remember[/quotedbb3d947ed]
And nuURL isn't? It's making you a new (nu) url ;) . I didn't choose the domain anyway. It's not my site. I thought I'd just show off some work I did recently, that could help you guys. P


11-04-2007 19:42:30

Its really cool, but as of now I have pretty much no use for it


11-04-2007 19:43:17

Meh, it flew over my head, lol. Tinyurl is more.... Direct. xD


11-04-2007 19:46:22

Pshh... is easy to remember because... erm...

It also pwns because it features this ---



11-04-2007 21:10:24

^^ LOL -- I was wondering what that subtitle meant.