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11-04-2007 12:33:50

I have to sit through 5 HOURS of compliance training today. BORING!

99.9% of this doesn't even apply to me! Call it "Corporate Foreplay"


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11-04-2007 12:56:29

BBQ is good.


11-04-2007 13:30:20

What's with all the crappy threads 'round these parts.


11-04-2007 13:35:29

yes...what is the deal
btw to lighten this thread up



11-04-2007 13:47:16


The other thread got locked, so I figured I'd hijack this thread and give you details on my spring break.

I got the mouthwash through the security checkpoints and everything no problem. It's kind of funny, because all of my underage friends who brought stuff on didn't get it taken, but the adults who tried to sneak on alcohol all got theirs taken away.

The first two days at sea were fun, hang out during the day, gambling in the casino (gambling is fucking addicting though, I lost over $100), go to dinner, gamble more, drink, maybe go to a show, drink, go to the club, wander around the ship until 2-4am.

Ocho Rios was nice, but the people there do NOT leave you alone. We wandered around the town, then went to Margaritaville for lunch and hung out at the bar. I found a duty free liquor store and the guy there asked me if I was looking to get some booze for the boat. I told him yes, and he recommended this Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum, 126 proof, since it was strong. I bought 2 liters of that for $9/each, then he took the bags and met me in a bathroom for me to put in water bottles. I tipped him for hooking me up, since they aren't supposed to deliver it until AFTER the cruise is over.

I forgot to mention that the second night at sea, a couple of my friends got really drunk and puked all over their cabins, so the parents were really on the warpath with alcohol. Well, all the parents except mine and a couple others, who really didn't care. Grand Cayman was nice the next day, went to a beach and hung out, then went to Senor Frog's with a bunch of people from our group. We had one more day at sea after that, which was fun, but lacked alcohol. They also lost my bag going from Chicago to Fort Wayne--it was sent to Peoria, then to Wisconsin, then back to Chicago, then to Fort Wayne 2 days later.

All in all, one of the best weeks of my life.


11-04-2007 13:51:41

Congrats! Getting drunk RULES!


11-04-2007 13:58:51

WOW I didn't realize off topic had policemen who decide what is ok to post and what's crappy!

Cayman sounds like fun )


11-04-2007 14:00:22

hahaha sounds like a blast!


11-04-2007 14:02:31

[quote40ef2cd879="TryinToGetPaid"]Congrats! Getting drunk RULES![/quote40ef2cd879]

Yes it does.

And one night we met this 24 year old Venezuelan lady who was drinking scotch. She was there with a few friends who we hung out with a couple different times, they were pretty cool, except only two of them spoke English.


11-04-2007 14:04:01

Scotch is nasty


11-04-2007 14:04:27

So you didnt bang her I assume?

Plus if they didnt speak English, who could they tell? I need to get some liquor in my system, its long overdue.


11-04-2007 14:07:33

Tell about what? And no, I didn't, she was cool, but not that good looking.

Scotch wasn't that bad, at least I didn't think so after a couple shots of vodka.


11-04-2007 14:08:25

Well if she wasnt that good looking even while drunk, I would hate to see her sober....


11-04-2007 14:10:41

Some of her non-English speaking friends were cute, but they were all like 24-25 as well. We met a guy at the hotel the day before we got on the ship who was 22 that was going to get with one of them, but she threw up all over his room when they got back there.


11-04-2007 14:11:10

vodka makes everything happy )


11-04-2007 14:18:27

Tequila is where it's @!! Jose is my best friend when it comes to liquor


11-04-2007 15:10:20

I don't drink tequila, one of my friend's pissed all over my other friend's basement floor after drinking tequila.

I stick with vodka or the Captain.


11-04-2007 15:22:27

sour appletinis are my poison )


11-04-2007 15:49:29

I'm a minor.


11-04-2007 16:58:41

[quote1fb31ee615="O4F-Manofice"]Scotch is [b1fb31ee615]T[/b1fb31ee615]asty[/quote1fb31ee615]

Fixed ;)


11-04-2007 21:23:53

I agree with everyone in this thread who said vodka and rum are the bestest...Yea, that's right, not even just the best, but the bestest

Captain and Absolute....Good times


12-04-2007 07:19:32

Captain or Jameson ftw.


12-04-2007 07:20:59

Any Absolute is very gooood.

I have to admit, it might sound gay but I like appletinis.

But jose is friend ;)


12-04-2007 07:23:54

I like vodka and everclear. With a lemon wedge and sprite, call me in the morning on that one.


12-04-2007 13:16:37

Bored? The best solution to boredom, is pr0n! But bring like... A spring. From a pen. I can keep myself occupied for HOURS playing with one of those. When I lose it though, I cry.. on the inside.


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12-04-2007 14:18:58


I cheated and did wordsearch puzzles from a magazine ;)


12-04-2007 15:36:41

Play Desktop Tower Defense


12-04-2007 19:59:52

My company uses Websense. it is the DEVIL