$9.95/mo. long distance

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10-04-2007 17:14:29

I heard about this on Clark Howard's radio show today. I do not work for them, nor am I getting paid for referrals. Just looking for some Karma.

They sell a "gizmo" for $24.95 that you attach to your wall jack. It uses the internet to give you unlimited calls within the United States and Canada for $9.95.

Here is their description of the service. Below is the link to their website.

ChatterBug™ is a simple to use, tiny device and Long Distance service that plugs into any regular home touch tone telephone, offering unlimited monthly calls in the US and to Canada for $9.95.

The ChatterBug™ plugs into an analog phone line between the handset and the wall jack and runs over a "Plain old Telephone line".

No computer, DSL, Cable, Internet connection or power is required.There is no software to install, nothing to configure.

Users can easily register for the monthly service either by using the "800" toll - free number or the ChatterBug web site. Once the device is installed and registration is complete, ChatterBug™ will automatically take control of long-distance calls that start with a "1." Users may cancel existing long-distance service, with ChatterBug as the new Long Distance service provider.

ChatterBug™ works with cordless phones. If you attach ChatterBug™ to the base station of a cordless phone system, all the extension cordless phones can receive and make long-distance calls for the same flat rate.

ChatterBug™ works during power outages. Since ChatterBug™ draws power solely from the phone line, it keeps working during power outages.

Plug the ChatterBug™ to the back of your phone. Plug the phone line from the wall into the ChatterBug™. Your installation is finished. Register for service either online or call our Customer Service Center located in Tucson,AZ at 1-866-690-3919. That's it. It is that easy.


Like I said, I don't get anything for this. Just looking for some Karma.