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10-04-2007 10:10:49

What is it with people that give their forum topics completely non-descriptive titles? Try to think of other people when you are starting your topics. If you are going to start a topic in the "Help!" Forum, don't call your topic "Help!". WE KNOW YOU NEED HELP. Be descriptive, that way when the next noobie (who hasn't bothered to read all the rules which are CLEARLY marked everywhere) has EXACTLY the same question, he can see right away that there is a thread started about that already.


BTW, the irony of the title of this thread is intentional.


10-04-2007 10:31:51

Yeah, I do not mind for Off-Topic but for the Help! Forum I agree 100%.


10-04-2007 11:25:46

I was thinking the same thing browsing the Help! forum. A lot of them resemble "Help! I'm a newb." Even if we put an "official" rule in a sticky, I still don't think it will help. Most of these people don't read the fundamental rules to begin with. Overall, the standards of this forum has gone downhill since the influx of newbies.


10-04-2007 11:30:25

We had standards?


10-04-2007 11:46:43

My problem is in the scammer section, I wish they'd put the name in the title, so when you look at it you can see who they are talking about. There are a lot of "Fraudulent Trader" or "Problem with this guy". Makes it more work to see if the newb pming me is a scammer or not..

Just my gripe...


10-04-2007 11:48:47

not all of us newbies are bad (


10-04-2007 12:03:49

Your name is Jenn so automatically you are awesome.


10-04-2007 12:10:39

Its not just newbies that do this. Everyone does it and its super annoying. I hate when people post a video but don't describe what it is, they just put a YouTube link. If you ever want to search for it, you are screwed...


10-04-2007 14:34:56

I long for the day someone creates a thread called "Read this".

I haven't banned anyone recently... twisted