How long does it usually take to get paid for completed offe

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09-04-2007 19:49:18

Just wondering how long it usually takes to get paid by other members after an offer is credited. Also at what point should I start to worry about not getting paid if I havenít heard from the other person?


09-04-2007 20:14:45

This could be in help )

But generally, it depends on the details of the trade. If it is payment on green, and you have notified them, then you should give them a few days to get to you, since not everyone can be here all the time. Generally after a week, though, you could worry, and after two weeks you can start trying to PM mods and really worrying.

If payment is set for approval, however, you should check how close they are to completing the site.

Hope this helps.


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09-04-2007 22:01:44

Also, besides depending on the offer itself, it can depend on the place the site owner gets the offer from. They all have a little bit of a different crediting system.