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09-04-2007 18:35:25

SO I am moving and am deciding which internet service to get...well really I don't have a choice because my apartment choose for me. But, I was thinking I could get one of those portable cards that sprint and verizon offer, since I have a laptop it would be nice to have one. But...I wasn't sure if it would change my IP address everytime I got online, does anyone know? Would it be bad to get one of those?


09-04-2007 18:47:39

They are kind of expensive.


09-04-2007 18:53:35

I know they are more expensive then regular internet but my apartment complex only gives me one company to choose from and I have to get phone and internet together and it would end up being more than that soo...thats why I was thinking about getting this and I take my laptop a lot of places so it would be a plus having this.


09-04-2007 18:55:21

I thought of the same, mainly becuase I don't have broadband at home. They will change each time you log on, but it wouldn't be any different than if you had DSL with SBC and it changed everytime he reset your modem... At least that's the way Verizon explained it to me.... I'm still having trouble coughing up $60 a month for service though.... I got babies to feed..... )


09-04-2007 18:56:35

so its not like my IP address numbers would be shared in a network or anything? I wouldn't have to worry about the small chance of someone else in the freebie world loggin in from one of those and getting the same IP address as me?


09-04-2007 19:25:31

[quote6719daab62="TryinToGetPaid"]They are kind of expensive.[/quote6719daab62]
And slow. (


09-04-2007 19:28:48

eww they are slow...damn it!


09-04-2007 19:33:19

They arent that slow. I was using an EV-DO 1x network for about a week and I'd say its probably 2/3 to 3/4 the speed of DSL. Of course it varies. If you aren't doing that much media-intensive stuff it should be fine.